Marco Rubio Loves Hanging Out With Homophobes So He Can Be President

marco rubioThe man viewed by many as the future of the Republican party really seems to like its homophobic past. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will be the keynote speaker at the Florida Family Policy Council’s awards dinner on Nov. 16.

Rubio’s appearance is an effort to get himself back in the good graces of ultra-conservatives after betraying them by supporting (gasp!) immigration reform that everyone agrees needs to happen. By great good luck, he happen to choose one of the most homophobic groups in the nation to address. Florida Family Policy Council is headed by John Stemberger, who formed a separate youth organization to protest the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow gay troops. Stemberger fears that gay troops will lead to an outbreak of “boy-on-boy contact.” For good measure, he was also a leading opponent of a failed domestic partnership bill in the state.

But wait! There’s more!

The dinner will honor Matthew Staver, head of Liberty Counsel, a religious right legal group that has opposed California’s ban on ex-gay therapy, participated in a challenge to New York’s marriage equality law,  and has served as legal counsel to a woman who illegally fled the country with her daughter after her ex-partner won custody rights. Staver has further distinguished himself by trashing a transgender woman fired from her job on Fox News (of course).

Rubio clearly wants to be president. If that means sucking up to the religious right at our expense, he’s happy to do it, right down to using the red-meat rhetoric from the culture wars. He’s the perfect candidate for the GOP. He looks young, but he thinks old.


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  • Ottoman

    Rubio couldn’t get the Cooch elected in Virginia during an off year election that heavily favors republicans because old angry white people make sure they vote. He has no chance in 2016 nationwide.

  • Chris

    He who lies with dogs will get fleas.

  • a308936

    He won’t even get the GOP nomination…. but I wish he does, because he wouldn’t get elected in the general election.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Rubio’s wasting his time if he thinks he’ll be a presidential nominee. We’ve just seen what a disaster an inexperienced senator does when dropped into the White House, and I doubt people will want to make that mistake again, regardless of party affiliation.

  • Johnny Lane

    When is Queerty going to turn its caustic editorial comments on this Kenyan loser bastard from hell occupying the White House? Has it sunk in, even a little, that Obama is a pathological liar? 4.2 million people have already received insurance cancellation notices and this idiot is telling people to sign up for Obamacare because its “better insurance.?” This attorney is not fooled by this fraud for even a second! I’ve read the bill and now I am plowing through the 20,000 pages of Obamacare regulations that all insurance companies must follow. The very worst news about Obamacare has yet to surface. I’m going to hit the highlights. Your doctor must ask you how many people you are having sex with and their names! That information goes into the Obamacare data hub! You can only get one (1) RX medication prescribed for each diagnosis code per 30 day period. This means if your doctor gives you a medication and its not working properly, if you want to replace it before the expiration of 30 days, you come out of pocket. If you get cancer, the initial MRI scans are all your Obamacare insurance will pay for. After that, the patient pays. If you are overweight, your doctor MUST put you on a diet and tell you how many days you have to lose the weight according to a scale for men and women in the regulations. You get one chance. If you fail, every obesity related claim will not get paid. If you fail to pay your insurance premium, you get fined. If you have diabetes and your medication becomes ineffective and lets say you are gaining weight. You doctor must order a stool sample to see what you are eating. If you are ingesting things that are not on your restrictive diet, you will get one warning. If you fail the second test, all claims related to diabetes will not be paid. Most disturbing is the idiotic one RX per diagnosis per month. I have a friend who takes five (5) blood pressure meds. Without them, his BP is 370/190, far beyond stroke level. I have a condition that requires 5 RX meds. There are lots of illnesses that require multiple RX meds for treatment plus RX meds for pain. You won’t get that with Obamacare. You think hospital stays are short now, the length of stay is dictated by your diagnosis. There is no provisions for complications, yet. Obamacare, plain and simple is insanity. Death panels? Who needs them. These restrictive regulations will kill hundreds of thousands per year. Now add all the short staffing at hospitals due to Obamacare and the insane provision in the law that resets a full time job to 30 hours per week. No wonder that 11 out of the top 18 major hospitals in the USA say they will not accept Obamacare. More to come.

  • RSun

    @Johnny Lane: Okaaaay….someone’s off their meds.

  • sportyguy1983

    You guys just hate Latinos

  • EdgarCarpenter

    @Johnny Lane: Hawaiians are simultaneously Americans and Kenyans? I didn’t know that! Does double citizenship only apply to folks born in Hawai’i, like Mr. Obama, or does it also apply to people who move to Hawai’i from other states?

    @sportyguy1983 – a lot of us would prefer to like Rubio – I think he’s very attractive when he’s not talking. Unfortunately, as soon as Rubio talks, he becomes just another delusional paranoid guy who’s decided not to take his meds, and we know those guys are always trouble. So if I ran into him in a dark corner somewhere and he wanted to do wonderful things to my erogenous zones, I’d have to decline – what a waste.

  • litper

    We hate all bigots equally!

    @Johnny it’s obvious you need some meds…

  • tjr101

    @Johnny Lane: You’re on the wrong website, just type redstate into your browser and you will certainly find where you belong.

  • Teleny

    @RSun: that’s exactly what I thought!!!

  • Charli Girl

    Just a snot nose kid with delusions of being a King! MOE RON!!!

  • 2eo



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