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  • Dawster

    okay… i watch CSI:Miami… and i have no clue who this person is (NOT that i’m complaining). only has him in one episode… LOL.

  • hells kitchen guy

    That sure ain’t a pistol in his pocket!

  • afrolito

    He actually let it all hang out, and as a result got fired from his soap job on “Days of our lives”.

  • Gregg

    It’s in Playgirl, so I guess Ginch Gonch ISN’T just for gay men! Oh wait, it’s in Playgirl. So it IS for gay men.

    The shaved armpits make me sad.

  • Jack Jett

    I wish he would run for President.

  • JP

    Why would anyone fire this man!!

  • SeaFlood

    I don’t feed breeders… but this one gives me pause…

  • topsyturvy8

    Damn that’s HAWT … like a gay porn cover

  • Ursila

    First I saw him in Playgirl, then in his Male Perfection videos, and Marcus Patrick has some new movies hitting the theaters this year. He’s so edible!

  • Jesse Helms

    Marcus Patrick is a gay prostitute in Hollywood selling his stuff both bottom and chocolate wood.

  • alan brickman

    Superhawt!! don’t be jealous..bring back morning goods!!

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