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Matt Gaetz celebrates wedding by posting creepy AF photo of his new bride passed out

So Rep. Matt Gaetz got married over the weekend.

The antigay congressman from Florida married his fiancée, Ginger Luckey, on Catalina Island in California on Saturday afternoon. Vanity Fair described the wedding as a “quiet ceremony” with about 30 guests that was officiated by one of Rand Paul’s aides.

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The day before they couple exchanged vows, Gaetz took a photo of himself on an airplane staring maniacally into the camera with his soon-to-be-bride passed out beside him. His eyes are glossy and bloodshot and she’s unconscious with her head back and her mouth hanging open.

So blessed to be with the beautiful ⁦@LuckeyGinger,” the 38-year-old lawmaker tweeted.

Now, generally speaking, most people would consider taking a photo of a person while they’re sleeping and then sharing it with your 1 million followers on Twitter without their consent to be impolite at best and deeply creepy at worst.

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It becomes even creepier when you’re pushing 40 and you’ve been accused of paying numerous women to do illegal drugs and have sex with you and you’re currently under federal investigation for allegedly sleeping with a high school student and obstructing justice.

Clearly, Gaetz thought his sleeping bride photo was hilarious. The rest of the internet, however, did not. Here’s what they’re saying…

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