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Matt Gaetz says ex-staffers are scrubbing his name from their resumes because they’re being “stalked”

Several of Matt Gaetz‘s former staffers are reportedly scrubbing all mention of him from their resumes amid the two ongoing investigations into his conduct.

The antigay congressman is currently at the center of a federal investigation into potential child sex trafficking as well as an ethics committee investigation for alleged sexual misconduct in Congress.

Now, Insider reports that at least 25 of his former staffers have removed his name from their LinkedIn profiles, including is former chief of staff, Dan McFaul, who now says he worked for an unidentified “congressman” for two months.

Two other former legislative directors have also taken his name off their CVs and several others no longer mention him in their social media bios.

“There is literally no upside to putting Gaetz on your resume,” a former staffer tells Insider. “You wouldn’t want to say, ‘Hey future employer, I worked for a guy who was a potential sex trafficker. It’s very savvy to leave that name off.”

But longtime Democratic Senate aide Jim Manley called the whole thing “really weird.”

“In a town where people spend all day and all night long bragging about the fact that they work on Capitol Hill, this is really weird,” he said.

The PR firm Gaetz has hired to handle to do damage control claims, without evidence, of course, that people are scrubbing his name from their resumes because “stalkers in the corporate media keep harassing them in a continued, partisan effort to undermine Rep Gaetz.”

Insider’s report about Gaetz’s former staffers comes on the heels of another report about his former law school classmates circulating a petition calling on him to resign from Congress.

“Every time The Daily Beast breaks another story on a Friday, it’s like, ‘Oh boy, go check Twitter,'” one former classmate said, adding that there are now three group chat threads among alumni devoted to sharing updates about the disgraced congressman.

Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and has yet to be charged with any crimes.

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