Max Emerson Performs Fully Nude Couch Hump In New Fashion Art Series

MaxEmerson-Homotography-Lally-11You may recognize Max Emerson as the male model who stood completely nude in the middle of a laundromat for Adore Delano‘s “DTF” video, or the delightfully engaging Instagram star who captions life, not photos.

But that changes today. From this point forward, you will remember Max Emerson for his collaborative project with avant garde filmmaker and erotic photographer Joseph Lally. As part of his eight-part “Beauty” series for fashion film house SHOWstudio, Lally has tapped Emerson for a “performance” in the second episode.

Of the series, SHOWstudio says:

Following on from his rolling ‘Soap Opera’, avant garde filmmaker Joseph Lally offers up a new series in his signature dark, dystopian, raw style. ‘Beauty’ features performances from the likes of Daphne Guinness, Max Emerson and Drew Hudson, and focuses on ‘the fashion industry and its dependence on the objectification of beauty,’ to quote Lally.

The thirst is real. (Video nsfw).

If you love him as much as we do, you’ll follow Max Emerson on Twitter and Instagram. You can see more from Joseph Lally at

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  • DanielStevens

    O.k. so I seriously watched a model humping a couch with taglines like “A model must exhibit himself for the public eye”/”A model sacrifices privacy”/”a model does it for you” and some other pretentious lines at the end of the video ????

    Holy f**knugget, Here is an idea for all the “boooh-hoo I´m a model. Life is so hard. I literally just can´t…” poor, poor models: Stop modeling.

    I know that he was most likely booked and paid for this gig and had no say in what they´re doing but come on: Srsly ?

    “Let´s make a clip about the objectification of beauty: Let´s let a model hump a couch in a perfectly lit room and throw some soft focus in the mix. That´ll teach em…:”

  • Ryan26pdx

    I “get it” but it was really boring. Max Emerson is great though. He’s got an interesting blog, has made some hilarious youtube videos, and his instagram is great. He seems like a really sharp and funny guy.

  • tripster

    I did not find him creepy. I find the music creepy. I wish i could understand this kind of art but i don’t have it.

  • middleagespread

    Beautiful body. Guess I won’t look like him anytime soon, considering my breakfasts was a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. :-)

  • Alan down in Florida

    I hate the way these photographers and videographers feel the need to emasculate beautiful men by removing/avoiding the penises that make them men.

  • maxemerson

    @DanielStevens- Not paid :-///

  • David333

    He is more attractive when he is talking and making those cute faces!!! Put him in the movies!

  • crowebobby

    His book “Hot Sissy, Life Before Flashbulbs” is a really entertaining read.

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