MD Senate Judicary Committee Kills Transgender-Rights Bill

Trans Rights = Civil RightsBy a vote of 5-6, the Maryland Senate’s Judicial Proceeding Committee shot down SB 449, The Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2013, which would have banned discrimination based on gender identity and presentation in housing, employment and public accommodation.

“It is terribly disappointing that this committee failed to stand up for fairness and protect transgender Marylanders,” said Equality Maryland‘s Carrie Evans in a statement.

Evans said the group was “particularly incensed” at state Senator Jim Brochin, who voted against the measure. “He had at least 1,000 constituents contact him asking him to support this bill. Despite this, he turned his back on these voters. It ironic that transgender people in his own district  have protections yet he wouldn’t cast a vote to extend these protections to individuals in the 20 counties that aren’t so fortunate.”

Equality Maryland, which was instrumental in getting same-sex marriage passed in November, has promised to not give up until trans residents’ rights are protected.


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