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Meet Isha Blaaker, the stunning model-turned-actor bringing gay love to ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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Say what you will about zombies, but they sure do have good taste.

AMC’s The Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead returned this past weekend for the second half of its final season, introducing one very hot curveball as the apocalyptic drama approaches its end game.

His name’s Isha Blaaker, and he’s bringing a little gay romance to the end of the world!

The model-turned-actor just made his series debut as a man named Frank, the partner to Colman Domingo’s longtime fan-favorite character Victor Strand.

Fear The Walking Dead‘s final season kicked off with a seven-year time jump, and when we finally check back in with the shifty conman-turned-antihero Victor, he has “rebranded” as Anton, a family man living with Blaaker’s Frank and his son Klaus (Julian Gray), living in a resort community protected from the undead.

Image Credit: ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ Lauren “Lo” Smith / AMC

When an old friend of Victor/Anton’s shows up unexpectedly, she threatens to expose his secrets. Will Frank have second thoughts after learning about his partner’s checkered past? Is a happy ending even possible for these two considering… you know, the zombie apocalypse of it all.

The AMC series has five more episodes to wrap it all up, though, after getting a glimpse of Blaaker on our screens, we’re hoping to see a whole lot more from the actor in the future.

Born in Suriname in 1988, Blaaker grew up in the Netherlands and became a national karate champion as a teenager. He eventually studied business, but… when you look like that the modeling world eventually comes calling.

With piercing blue eyes and an impressive set of washboard abs, Blaaker became a favorite of fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Soon, the modeling gigs turned to acting gigs, and he began to book TV guest roles like the Danish crime series DNA and Max’s comedic mystery The Flight Attendant.

Last year, he appeared in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, which premiered on Netflix, and this year he can also be seen in Starz’ friendship dramedy Run The World, and in the upcoming film Origin—Ava DuVernay’s meta adaptation of Caste: The Origin Of Our Discontents that’s already garnering some awards season buzz.

And we’ve got to imagine his role in the final chapter of the long-running Fear The Walking Dead will introduce him to even more audiences, especially since he’s playing a gay character. That certainly perked up our ears—though, we’ll note that Blaaker hasn’t made any public statement on his own sexuality.

Still, we can appreciate the visuals regardless, right? Scroll down for a few more of our favorite shots from Isha Blaaker’s Instagram page:

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