Meet Kordale And Kaleb, The Gay Black Fathers That Have Outraged Twitter

It’s been nearly four months since Kordale and Kaleb, a gay black couple, began posting photos of their beautiful family on Instagram, but their honest depiction of a new modern family has finally gone viral.

The photo above showing Kordale and Kaleb’s morning routine with their two daughters sent the ever-progressive users of Twitter into an outraged, downward spiral yesterday as hateful people began spewing vitriol over the fact that two gay black men were tagging themselves as #proudfathers, #blackfathers and #gaydads.

As Mused Magazine Online reports, most of the positive responses to the photo were even laced with cruelty, as many users were glad to see “two things: 1. The fact that this was a black gay couple 2. That it was nice to see black men taking care of children.”

“Are we sheltered from black gay couples that the general public doesn’t think they exist?”, writes Mused‘s Beyond Steven. “The point is that Kaleb and Kordell are not unicorns. They are one of many.”

Not unicorns and we’re pretty happy about that, because frankly, the world could use more positive imagery of loving gay fathers like this. Scroll down and see the best of Kordale and Kaleb with their children Desmiray, Maliyah, and Kordale Jr.:

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  • Louis

    Beautiful and shame on the ignorant individuals as always. They need too wake up and EVOLVE already period. Its 2014 enough IS enough!

  • Kamuriie

    Very sweet. And both dads are DILFs!

  • DShucking

    Black or white, straight or gay. Don’t ever be ashamed of being a good father.

  • Grrrowler

    Obviously the homophobes would hate this because all gays are evil, but it doesn’t matter what color the family’s skin is. Positive images of happy families are great things.

  • NG22

    Those kids look like they’re have a more loving, happy, healthy childhood than many from heteronormative families. So good for them. And nice that the dads clearly spend time investing in their relationship. No amount of hatred, judgment, or disapproval can detract from the great work they’re doing.

  • corey

    This must scare so many folks because they don’t “look” like a gay couple, and not being to label everyone who is not heter and white, doesn’t allow them the ability to say “See, all the gay dads are …. ” Congrats to a happy family, at least gays don’t have a 50% divorce rate, as of yet I know, but something tells me, gays actually will honor marriage and not just get married with the thought that u will just end it if things don’t go as perfectly planned. On a lighter note, the darker dude us hot as f_ck!

  • Tommy

    This is great, I’m sorry that they have to come “under fire” for what they are posting, but I’m glad that they are doing it. Too often african-american men are under represented in the gay community, so its a breath of fresh air to see them help “pave the way” for the rest of us.

  • ouragannyc

    Dads shouldn’t look so hot!
    Dads should only be couch potatoes drinking beer all night and weekend long.

  • SteveDenver

    Yet another instance where I cannot possibly fathom what is running through the empty overheated heads of conservatives. These are beautiful pictures of happy children receiving tender care from loving parents. How many little girls will grow up never having had their dad brush their hair and help them get ready for the day?

    Lucky kids.
    Lucky dads.
    SadFucking conservatives.

  • jimbryant

    They look like a wonderful happy family but I think parents should dress modestly around children unless they’re at the beach or it’s very hot. Going bare-chested for the sake of vanity does not set a good example to kids.

  • KDub

    @jimbryant: What are you talking about? They’re the kids’ fathers! You never saw your dad shirtless before? Besides, they are dressed in most of the pics. The shirtless pics look like they’re on the beach or in the morning (they likely sleep shirtless like a lot of dads). Anyone who finds issues with this incredibly cute family just has issues.

  • B Damion

    A lot of sexually frustrated people get on these social media cites and bash others because their lives are unfulfilled.

    I say people should start demanding that they get sexually fulfilled otherwise this is the type of stuff that happens lol.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why some people get so caught up into other peoples lives.

    I say these haters should start speaking out on the matter of being sexually unfulfilled. How about they start focusing on their own needs and leave the folks trying to do some good alone.

  • uerdari

    kudos to you both keep up the great work and never let anyone tell you your wrong <3

  • davincibarnette

    @KDub: Please ignore him. He would have found something negative no matter what. Ignore him.

  • Fitz

    Well, the media doesn’t flood us with pics of gay men being normal or of Black men being loving fathers. So this twitter thing was bound to trigger!

  • casey

    Gorgeous family- a thousand years of love and joy to each as an individual and as family. Love.

  • Daniel-Reader

    I think by being in good physical shape they are setting a good example for their daughter about the importance of taking care of yourself. That’s a lesson more parents should follow.


    Kaleb (light skin dude?) is Tyson Beckford level hot!! Even got a sexy ass masculine voice. Lotto jackpot!


    Some of there views are a bit problematic IMO:

    Kaleb: We live in a five-bedroom home. We have three beautiful children. There’s a room for Kordale. There’s a room for Kaleb and there’s a room for each individual child. The oldest child says, “Kaleb, you’re my daddy’s best, best, best best friend in the whole wide world.” I say that meaning the kids do not know that we are in a relationship. We don’t portray that image in front of the kids because we don’t want to put them in the mindset of being gay and that’s what you’re going to be because we are gay.
    It’s crazy because even when I was a HETEROSEXUAL[!?] I never looked at any sex, gender or sexes and said anything. I wasn’t raised like that.
    I wish that the two of us can give hope to people that live the LIFESTYLE that we live,
    We would love to do a REALITY SHOW to show our family, to show how we interact with the mother of the children.

    Full interview http://m.necolebitchie.com/2014/01/16/photos-of-the-day-meet-kordale-kaleb-a-black-gay-couple-raising-three-beautiful-kids/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NecoleBitchiecomBeenBtchinSinceThe80s+(Necole+Bitchie.com+%7C%7C+Been+B*tchin'+Since+The+80's)

  • coffeeaugur

    Totally awesome … fab2see … great role models


    *their views

  • robho3

    I’m not understanding why people would be offended by these pictures. They are of a loving couple and family. God some people are just ridiculous.

  • jimbryant

    The other thing that concerns me is that the kids need to know that they were born by a woman. It’s offensive to me when men who are in love with each other suddenly carry on as if their kids came from “some woman” rather than a real woman who needs to be in touch with the kids to keep a gender balance in their lives.

    Gay men need to stop treating children as accessories, basically.

  • KDub

    @corey: I agree 100%! I think it’s also why people are so threatened by masculine gay guys. It’s not what people usually associate with gay men. There’s nothing to ridicule. Too normal?

    Sidenote: Seems like the pictures in this post negate the “Childless Couples Are Happier” post from yesterday. Not that anyone was really buying it anyway. lol

  • Joincny

    @jimbryant: where do you come up with the stuff you post? It’s like you’re some crazy republican who is posting on a gay website.

  • Kangol

    What a beautiful couple and a beautiful family! I am so happy to see these pictures, and we need more like them. Thanks, Queerty, for bringing them to our attention, and please, for those of us who can, let’s show these men and their children some support!

  • [email protected]

    oh… look, the homophobic people at it again… lame.
    this is a beautiful family <3
    hey, for all you know, the kids might be abandoned by STRAIGHT couples and adopted by this loving couple.
    who's the disgusting one here?

  • Jersey2013

    I know so many gay black and inter-racial couples with kids here in Philly. This is what we look like and are, wake up it’s 2014.

  • Ridpathos

    @Joincny: He’s really just a conservative troll. He’s not even really gay (well he is, he just won’t admit it to himself). His mindset is that he’s a straight conservative coming here to try to make a fool of gay people by pretending to be gay and putting words in our mouths. He doesn’t realize that he keeps coming back because he secretly has a thing for shirtless men. He’s like a double-double agent.

  • alanj

    jb also operates under a number of other names, bjmcfrisky being the obvious one.
    It’s a real shame as it completely hijacks forums, makes it all about him.
    Don’t take the bait.

  • Bee Gaga

    So yeah they co-parent with the mother of the children, that’s first off. And secondly I’m not going to demonize these “haters” when these men don’t even respect their own relationship. Do y’all know the ignorance they said themselves? Talking about they don’t do anything or show any signs of affection around their children because, “we don’t want them to think being gay is normal,” and they feel if they see their parents are gay then they’re going to want to be gay too. (Which begs the question the two of them must have had gay parents too if that’s how things work) so if you don’t even accept your relationship then you can’t talk about other people not accepting your relationship especially when your children think y’all are “friends.” I’m just saying!

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Twitter: giving ignorant shitheads with far too much time in their hands a voice, making us look more and more stupid by the day.

  • Sebizzar

    Idk what there’s to complain about, this is the cutest photoset I’ve seen in a long time!! They all look so happy, let the homophobes complain all they want cause it’s not going to change anything :)

  • 1n9e7b8

    @jimbryant I sincerely hope you are a right wing construct. Not only are your words damaging, they also make you appear damaged.

  • freddiebaker

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  • iMort

    @jimbryant: O.K. Mrs. Cleaver!

  • Black Pegasus

    All the best to these young brothas! Most of the hate they’re receiving is from people who cannot fathom two masculine gay men living happily with a family. While I’m not a fan of the attention whoring they seem to enjoy, I’m more so against the hate they are receiving. Living well is the best revenge!

  • Aric

    Gorgeous family.

  • CCTR

    Reality Show?

  • Gigi Gee

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: They have separate bedrooms. WTF?!?! “I say that meaning the kids do not know that we are in a relationship.” Yet they post pics of themselves with their tongues down one another’s throats. That’s fucked up!! As was your comment about Kaleb’s “sexy ass masculine voice.” If he had a different voice he’d be less sexy?

  • Gigi Gee

    @Bee Gaga: “we don’t want them to think being gay is normal…” That’s fucked up but not unheard of in some communities. Sad.

  • loren_1955

    A beautiful couple and a beautiful family. Most families could be so lucky. Best to all of you.

  • pauleky

    Beautiful family. Too bad these young men are still a bit homophobic. Good luck to them, though.

  • yaletownman

    They are a gorgeous family no matter what there colour or parents sexuality and the people who hate them need to get over it. It is concerning that they may not want their children to know they are a couple because they don’t want them to think that gay is normal. I am also concerned about the children themselves having their pictures publicized. Lots of crazies in this world, lots of angry people and I just wonder if it’s in the children’s best interest to be exposed. I guess that’s a hard one. How do you assist the worlds evolution by providing positive images yet at the same time protect your kids from a world that’s not always sane.

  • Gordon

    What an absolutely lovely article on love and the joy of parenting. And shame on anyone who would take umbridge! Bravo, guys, you rock!

  • trilingual1946

    This is a beautiful family. But I don’t think that noting that the family is African-American is “cruel.” The fact is that African-American LGBT people are notably absent in media coverage except (in most cases) in very stereotypical situations) and it’s only natural and positive to express pleasure at seeing such a positive depiction of an African-American LGBT family so beautifully portrayed and going viral! The same would be true for Latino and Asian-American LGBT families, who also are pretty much invisible in the media and the viral world. It’s really important for people to see positive examples of ALL the kinds of LGBT families that exist, not just attractive celebrities like Ellen and Portia or Neal Patrick Harris and his spouse! The vast majority of us are just everyday, ordinary people of every race, color and ethnicity, and the more America sees that, the more comfortable it will grow to be with us and our families!

  • Faggot


    It would be nice (or not) to see the tweets of the twits who have a problem with this family. From this article we have no idea what that backlash is exactly. Perhaps their “(coming) out” Twitter life will engage others in the black community to deal with the rampant homophobia we experience.

    Reality show?! Okay, the fact that they are tweeting angling to get a reality show is rather disturbing.

  • sangsue


    Homosexuality, whether it’s gay or lesbian, bi or trans is not accepted in a lot of African-American communities. I will bet that their comments are among some of the cruelest.

  • mezzacanadese

    I think that they are a lovely family and have much to be proud of.

  • AuntieChrist

    Aside from my husband of 25 years and my dog…I have a new love. These wonderful men and their kids.XXXOOO

  • ptseti

    I don’t see this as a gay family or gay dads. I see them as a family period. Not going to be dragged where this article wants to take me. No sir. A modern family loving their kids. What can be more inspiring and needed like this? Bravo to you guys. Its not easy but you are a trailblazer.

  • mothertheresa

    @jimbryant: They co-parent with the children’s biological mother. Kordale is their biological father.

  • mothertheresa

    @jimbryant: My dad walks around with his shirt off all the time and I think I came out fine. If anything it’s good for kids, they should not think that their bodies are something that need to be hidden or ashamed of.

  • Millilicious

    My god. Perfect family is perfect.

  • Tom Anderson

    @Bee Gaga: Perhaps they will grow and come to understand that their relationship–as with any hetersexual marriage–the relationship comes first and is the foundation for the family. A happily together queer couple should feel free to celebrate their relationship and certainly not hide their love in front of the kids. It’s good for the kids. That doesn’t mean they have to tell them all sorts of things that is beyond their years of understanding, but the kids need to see their two dads acknowledge the fact that they love one another, they are committed to each other, and leave other people’s attitudes at the door. To claim they are nothing more than “friends” is a lie, and such a lie will destroy their family.

  • MommaRobin

    I am as straight as can be, but that doesn’t matter. I am a Mom to two children: a 12 year old daughter and an almost 8 year old son. Last year, my son became best friends with the sweetest little boy, Carlos, and I soon found out that other kids in the classroom we’re being told to “shy” away from this child and his family. I found out why. Carlos had two fathers (he was adopted)and those fathers would eventually become two of my closest friends. I could care less where you’re from, what color your skin is, whether you’re gay or straight, and my babies don’t either.

    We live in Kentucky and we believe in loving everyone. Bless you, Kordale and Kaleb.

  • Adri_Babii

    Obviously, some of you cannot read or cannot comprehend because Kaleb said, “We don’t portray that image in front of the kids because we don’t want to put them in the mindset of being gay and that’s what you’re going to be because we are gay.” Meaning they don’t want to force that on their children or make them feel like they have to be gay because they have two fathers. Also, because of that concern that’s why they didn’t want homosexuals adopting children because society feared that a gay couple would create gay children, which is total BS. I am proud to see a happy and productive family with lots of love. Besides, I rather see children with a loving homosexual family than with an unloving heterosexual family because people feel that is right. I’m sure when the children are older and can fully understand what is going on Kordale and Kaleb will explain it to them; until then kudos guys and much love! :-)

  • BlogShag

    I must be from another planet. Why would this couple outrage twitter?

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