Meet The Queens: Sasha Belle Style! BONUS: Vote in our Poll for the Next Impersonation

Have you caught Sasha Belle’s Facebook video impersonations of his fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 castmates? They have generated thousands of views on Facebook and here they are in one collection on Dragaholic!

Sasha’s impersonation skills are light and funny reads that help us get to know maaaaybe a little behind the scenes Tee on Season 7? Or perhaps Sasha is just psychic. Who knows if Jasmine Masters really complained about wearing heels for 16 hours? We all know she’s got Something To Say!

We do know that Pearl really does use Sensodyne – the “old people’s” toothpaste Sasha suggests he uses because Crest is “way too mainstream.” Pearl actually commented on Sasha’s Facebook post “I literally use sensodyne #clocked #pronamel ps I hate you!!!.”

Miss Fame told us already that she was raised on a chicken farm – it will make sense later!

Is Ginger Minj really a “Crossdresser for Christ?” Haven’t got a clue –  but Sasha’s tutorial on “How To Do a Proper Ginger Minj Selfie” is not only hilarious but informative too. You would be surprised how many queens don’t know how to hold the phone way up high “that way no one can see how many chins you may be rockin’!”

It’s so cute that Sasha is wearing one of fellow castmate Trixie Mattel’s T-shirts. This cast seems to really share enthusiasm and a good-natured sense of humor. We were already gagging for the season 7 premier – whenever it may be. Now we cannot wait for the next Sasha Belle #MTQ video!

Who do you think Sasha Belle should impersonate next? Vote in our poll at the end of this article!

Here are the four he has done so far:

Jasmine Masters


Miss Fame

Ginger Minj

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