John McCain's daughter

Meghan McCain was up late last night tweeting about masturbation and nobody liked it

Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, was up late last night tweeting about masturbation, which is an activity she evidently thinks only liberals engage in.

Yesterday evening at around 10:20 p.m., John McCain’s daughter tweeted a New York Post article titled “Man busted for masturbating in broad daylight in Times Square.” She included the caption, “You guys it’s fine, he works for CNN!”

For the record, the man who was caught masturbating does not work for CNN. His name is Deaven Russell and the New York Post describes him as “a 43-year-old vagrant” who lives in a homeless shelter.

Russell currently has several pending criminal cases against him, ranging from shoplifting to menacing to weapons possession. From the sounds of it, he may suffer from mental illness, though this has not been confirmed.

But that didn’t stop McCain from turning his tragic story into some sort of political punchline.

Unfortunately for her, her attempt at a joke didn’t land with folx on Twitter, and now she’s being totally dragged for it…

Even after the joke didn’t land, McCain, who clearly doesn’t know how to read the room, followed it up with another one.

“I will be writing CNN masturbation sarcasm tweets until I die,” she tweeted.

Meghan’s second masturbation joke didn’t land either…

Meghan, if you’re reading, it’s probably best that you lay off the masturbation jokes and stick to what you’re good at. Just don’t ask us what that is.

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