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Melania Trump pretended to garden and the internet can’t even

A photo of Melania Trump tending to the White House Kitchen Garden has been making the rounds on social media all week.

The photo shows FLOTUS in a $1,380 Balmain flannel shirt with matching red gloves and designer sunglasses awkwardly crouched beside an artichoke plant.

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It was actually taken about a year ago, in September 2017, when Melania hosted local schoolchildren for an afternoon of pretend gardening. But for whatever reason, it began recirculating on the world wide web this week, much to our delight.

Twitter’s been having a field day with it…

Meanwhile, over on Instagram…


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Who wore it better? #theylive #nada #melania #dumptrump

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“I already have Barron. Can’t risk anymore ending up like Eric.”

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