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Melania Trump tells people to go outside and “breathe in some fresh air” during coronavirus pandemic

First Lady Melania Trump doesn’t speak often, but when she does, it’s almost always something vapid and unhelpful.

Case in point: Her recent tweet encouraging everyone to go outside and take in a big gulp of fresh air as more and more of their fellow Americans succumb to a painful and deadly respiratory disease.

The First Lady posted a picture of a cherry blossom tree (through an ominous filter), along with the caption: “If you are able, try to take a few moments to get outside & breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy spring & beautiful nature! We all need to take care of ourselves so that we can try to help take care of others.”

Just for the record, the World Health Organization announced yesterday that it’s “not seeing” airborne transmission of coronavirus, which is encouraging news. But that doesn’t make Melania’s tweet any less tone deaf as thousands of Americans quite literally cannot breathe right now, and thousands more are too terrified to leave their homes for groceries, let alone to “enjoy spring & beautiful nature!”

As for the response her tweet has received, let’s just say it hasn’t been good…

Mrs. Trump’s tweet comes shortly after first daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted about the importance of social distancing right after her dad, to whom she serves as an “advisor,” said he wanted to relax social distancing guidelines.

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