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Michael Henry shares shocking and very personal self-esteem reminder for Halloween

Michael Henry
Michael Henry (Photo: YouTube)

We love YouTube comic Michael Henry and have noted before that sometimes he also hits a nerve when he gets serious.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, he shared a letter that his dad wrote to him when he came out as a gay. One of his most recent videos looked at how to react when a friend tells you they’ve got back together with an abusive boyfriend.

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Yesterday, on Instagram, Henry shared a photo from Halloween 2014. In it, he’s looking lighter in weight than most people know him, and you can see his abs beneath a cropped, slutty football top.


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In the accompanying caption, Henry reveals the effort to get such a trim torso had not made him happy.

“This pic came up on my FB reminders. This was Halloween 2014,” he said. “I remember preparing for weeks, exercising every single day at the gym. Doing crunches at home. Eating only veggies and chicken breasts and drinking extreme amounts of water whenever I felt hungry. Taking two naps a day just to not put food in my mouth.

“I wanted to look fit real bad. I wanted attention real bad. I wanted cock real bad. I wanted CARBS REAL BAD. And I remember still wondering, why the fuk don’t I look like the other guys in their slutty outfits. And I remember going home solo and feeling like total shit.

“I know that looking your best is the name of the game out here in LALA land and social media and the gay universe but please be gentile on yourself. Do your best to be gentile at least. And I’ll do my best too. You look great right now. I promise.”

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At a time when some people may be obsessing over their Halloween look, the posting struck a chord with many.

Actor and comedian Daniel Franzese said, “You only look your best when you are kind to yourself. We look for that physical touch allowing others to deem us worthy of feeling loved. To feel loved. We are the true gatekeepers of that paradise.”

Musician Tom Goss, who has often highlighted bigger men in his music videos, said, “Proud of you. Sending love.”

Many others said they could relate to what he was saying and had struggled with their own battle to be seen as “hot”.

If you’re still not familiar with Henry (or what he looks like in 2021), below is his latest video, in which he voices his opinion over the “bubble gum gay” life depicted by some TikTok couples.

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