VP out

Mike Pence flees D.C. as Trump fumes and coronavirus ravages the West Wing

Mike Pence seems to be the only member of the Trump klan who has accepted that they lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden and he’s ready for a break.

The Vice President jetted off to Florida this morning for a five-day, post-election vacation getaway with Mother, as a second wave of coronavirus rages throughout the West Wing.

Four members of Pence’s staff, including his chief of staff Marc Short, have tested positive for COVID-19, along with Trump’s own chief of staff Mark Meadows, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and campaign adviser David Bossie.

Rather than stick around to, say, deal with that, or manage the coronavirus task force, or work with the Biden transition team, Pence decided now would be an awesome time to get the hell outta D.C. and hit the white sandy beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign continues to file frivolous lawsuit and frivolous lawsuit challenging the election results.

We can’t decide whether Pence’s decision to go on vacation right now is irresponsible, idiotic, or both, but Twitter sure has some opinions about it…

In other Mike Pence news, it looks as though he’ll be going down in American history as the fourth Republican VP from Indiana to only serve one term in office.

Not only that, but if history proves correct, his political career is also likely over. No vice president from the Hoosier state has ever gone on to win the presidency or any other office after leaving the White House.

Enjoy the beach, Mike!

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