Truman era

Military Soldiers Polled On Whether They Can Stand Dirty Jews

In addition to asking white troops about black troops, President Harry Truman’s 1940s military officials polled troops about whether they like Jews. That sounds appropriate!

Especially since the military was never even considering any policies about Jewish soldiers — but maybe they wanted to know whether Americans would fight for ’em during WWII?

But that doesn’t make the results any less fun! Wonk Room revisits the National Archive treasures, where non-Jewish whites were asked to mark agree or disagree on things like …

• “There is nothing good about Jews.” (Agree: 86%, Disagree: 13%)
• “Jews are out to rule the world.” (Agree: 27%, Disagree: 73%)
• “The Jews always get the best of everything.” (Agree: 30%, Disagree: 70%)
• “You can always tell a Jew by the way he looks.” (Agree: 61%, Disagree: 39%)
• “Jews are the biggest goldbricks in the Army. (Agree: 51%, Disagree: 49%)
• “A Jew will always play you for a sucker.” (Agree: 48%, Disagree: 52%)

If only Defense Sec. Robert Gates had Westat phrase questions about homosexuals this way. “You can always tell a homosexual by the way he looks.” TRUE!

Congratulations, Obama: Your DADT Survey Is Just As Offensive As Truman’s Was 65 Years Ago!