Vile viral vid

Miserable creep accosts Arab family in Texas: “Donald Trump will stop you!”

There are creeps, and then there are creeps of creeps. The young man in this vid is unwaveringly the latter.

He’s a creepster, a creepo, a creepshow, and a creepling all rolled into one. A great big bigoted douchebag in a neon-green Under Armour tank top.

A vile viral video captures the world’s least chill beach bum as he beats his chest, yelling, “Donald Trump will stop you, motherf*cker! My country is the greatest country in the goddamn world EVER! Look at that! Donald Trump, motherfucker!”

“You can try to act like you’re innocent… and you can try and fuck me, but guess what? You will never ever stop me, my Christianity, from rising above this Sharia law!”

On and on.

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His disgusting tirade was directed at an Arab family visiting a Texas beach  — a family that included young kids.

Apparently, the angry little tater-tot of a man was later arrested,  but was seen loitering around the hotel the next day.

We’re not sure if he’s straight or gay — but if he’s the former, we have the perfect girl for him.


Arab-American Family Harassed with Racial Slurs on Texas Beach

This man verbally attacked an Arab family and yelled ‘Donald Trump will stop you’

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, May 10, 2017