MN Senate Majority Leader/ Marriage Equality Foe Amy Koch Steps Down Amid Adultery Scandal

It’s getting to be a bad joke: Pick a Republican who’s attacked same-sex marriage and they’re either gay themselves or done something totally skeevy to besmirch the holy institution.
The latest culprit is Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (left), who stepped down from her leadership post Friday after allegations surfaced she was having an adulterous affair with a male staffer.
Color us stunned. Really.

Koch isn’t resigning as a state senator, mind you—just her leadership post (and refusing to seek re-election). Because it’s genetically impossible for a Republican politician to fully understand the nature of hypocrisy. Koch and her cronies helped get an amendment into the voting booth next year that will let the people of Minnesota vote on whether same-sex marriage should be banned. That makes sense—she’s something of an expert on things that destroy marriages.

“I think in the end there are probably only two people who really know what kind of relationship [it was] and how long it had been happening,” interim Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michell told the Star-Tribune. “It certainly had risen to a level within our Senate family that people were coming to us.”

While Koch’s male paramour hasn’t been named, Michael Brodkorb—her communications chief—is no longer on staff as of Friday. Draw your own conclusions.

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  • Wow

    The small part of me that was attracted to women died after reading this article. Who would… why would… after how many glasses of wine… what… grosssss.

  • Alan

    If “she isn’t resigning as State Senator” then why is the article title “Amy Koch resigns amid adultery scandal”?

  • kylew


  • rf

    All the gay Uncle Toms who continue to support Target after they spent $100,000 to get Republicans to the polls in Minnesota last year can congratulate themselves for yet another fine consequence of supporting companies that fund discrimination. Yes, this story wouldn’t have been so big if she wasn’t Senate Majority leader, but she might not have been Senate Majority leader and the Republicans might not have been in a position to put SSM on the ballot in Minnesota like they have if more people spoke up against one of the biggest and most visible employers in the state. Well done!

  • FreddyMertz

    Has anyone seen Michael Brodkorb..please tell me it was an improvement from her husband. If not eek!

  • hf2hvit

    Are we sure that really isn’t Marcus Bachmann in drag?!?!?

  • chuck

    A lot of MN legislators and their staffs knew about the affair for quite awhile. Majority of legislature are RePugs. All family values as long as public doesn’t find out about it.
    Affair began to leak in last few weeks…

  • Robert in NYC

    What can one expect from a republican bigot? Their party is a breeding ground for it.

  • Erich

    @Alan: Did you read the article buddy? It said she had stepped down from her position as Senate Majority Leader.

  • Joetx

    Is this witch related to the evil Koch brothers?

  • Elmwoodmac

    That smile has” I love getting fucked in the ass” written all over it.

  • Cam

    Is she related to the Koch Brothers?

  • jim

    I guess the description of Marriage is a MAN A WOMAN AND A MAN, NOTHING LIKE A 3 SOME TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER

  • Andy

    @Wow: Clearly, it was prostitution.

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