More Anti-Gay Hate in TN.

Nashville-native Neal Anthony and his partner, Michael Duncan refused to fold to anti-gay graffiti “artists,” now Anthony’s facing death threats.

The drama started back in April, when childish, horribly unoriginal vandals scrawled homophobic messages (“Fags Deserve To Die”) on the side of their historic house. The disgraceful desecration drew media attention, but did nothing to stop the nasty notes – the couple confronted more hate in May.

Still, they swore they’d stay put and hope that the homophobes could learn to live with them. Apparently they were wrong. The men woke the other day to find some more hate, this time with a more violent message: “Die Neal”.

Out and About reports:

On Saturday, June 9, Anthony’s partner Mike woke to find a message spray painted on the side of their house that says “die Neal”. He said local sheriff’s investigators have no leads. It’s a more significant sign of the anti-gay hate he has faced this year.

Anthony has spent more than $5,000 on security equipment to protect his home, and has spent more than $10,000 repairing his home after three teenagers pelted it with 91 paint balls.

Some suggest the sheriff’s dragging his feet to help some well heeled residents. That’s certainly a possibility. Hopefully Neal and Duncan don’t give up their good, gay fight. Neal, if you’re feeling deterred, remember you words from back in April:

I guess whoever was doing this thinks they are going to run me off from this community because I’m gay. That is not going to happen… this house has been in my family since it was built in 1851. People our there are ignorant… times have changed. They need to accept open-mindedness.

From your lips to those ungodly fuck’s ears. Keep on keepin’ on, boys. And, maybe, invest in a fierce bitch of a guard dog.