Morning Goods: Johnny Hazzard

There’s a bit of nepotism going on here with today’s Morning Goods selection. In my first editing job, I sought out porn-star/male model Johnny Hazzard to write music reviews, because I thought he was incredibly hot and I knew he liked music. As we worked together, I came to learn what a smart, clever, total nerd he really is, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still gets my engine revving.

Oh! And he has a cooking show!

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    he’s really hot!!! i love me some brazilian guys :D

    p.s. guys…im really trying to make this pop music forum happen, so please sign up id love to see some queerty peeps there. its not just a music forum, you can talk about other stuff too…hot guys maybe? haha lol. just click on my name to go see the forum and sign up. we got 13 members so far and its quite active but i want it to get really big

  • porsha

    Johnny has a handsome face and nice body, but I’m just not into skin illustrations. However, I suspect that he hasn’t yet given in to a tattoo needle on his dick! I’m much more excited by a smile and some body hair, preferably a furry happy trail. But, I’ll keep checking out Queerty, and hoping.

  • Dubwise

    I’ve rubbed a few out to this gentleman, and I will do it again.

  • scott

    i thought he was sick or something from that story header.

    he’s hot btw.

  • G

    He even has his one line of ahem….”toys” :)

  • rick

    nothing but a whore and from his cooking videos, not much of a cook. and he can’t dance nor sing.

  • Darth Paul

    @rick: Yeah, but he’s hot sh!t. I love whores.

  • Jack

    Forget the cooking; his ass is the most edible thing on the screen…

  • Tonic

    Love the TATS! He’s always been one of the hotter porn stars.

  • EdWoody

    I’ve met him many times, done interviews with him many times, had coffee with him on Santa Monica blvd, and I have to agree that he is absolute marriage material. Simply one of the sexiest men on the planet (and that’s from someone who doesn’t even like tattoos).

  • benwa

    God I dream of helicoptering this man every night before I go to sleep. MMMmmm wack wack wack. Haaaa

  • countervail

    The images are great but his porn career basically makes him irrelevant to anything outside the gay community. A cooking show? Really? Yeah, that’s who I turn to for cooking advice, a gay porn star.

    Obviously lots of people use sex appeal to get ahead, but if he’s so “smart, clever, total nerd” why does he need the porn career? I’m getting the impression that he’s a jack(-off) of few trades (his best simply being naked) and master of none.

    Japhy, stick to showing the skin and spare us the puppy love crush mush.

  • David Hauslaib

    He’s also a server at the excellent comme Ça in West Hollywood. (Get the chicken.)

  • Matt

    That’s some expensive food. I think I’ll stick to Outback.

  • Michael vdB

    Being a porn star at some point in your life does not make you any less of a person on the outside or inside. Sure there are meatheads out there but everyone is still more then just their porn persona (like a cook, a nerd, a music lover, a savy business person)

    People don’t have to be porn stars to slut themselves out at some point in their lives to get ahead. I am not just talking about sex either.

  • gray hunt

    Where to start ? Skinny arms, pug ugly, over inked (what all that look like after fifty) does not look too clean, but other than those quibbles I still dont see what he is doing on “Morning Goods” maybe “Used Goods” a better title.

  • Giovanni

    @Gray Hunt: Feel better about yourself now?

  • countervail

    @Michael vdB:

    “People don’t have to be porn stars to slut themselves out at some point in their lives to get ahead. I am not just talking about sex either.”

    Agreed. But usually that kind of slutting is to further some other goal, unlike porn, where the goal is just to make some money. There are not a lot of people that do porn “just for the art” and it’s a rare occurrence that being a gay porn star is somehow a stepping stone to some general larger goal.

    So while it seems that Johnny is a nice enough guy with some varied interest, I’m not inclined to crush on him simply because he’s a pretty porn star and not much else. I mean his blog is essentially his life as a porn star, first and foremost. Is there something more about the hardship of having sex on video for money that I’m just not getting?

    It seems an extra gay thing to deify porn stars (or attractiveness in general) especially when there’s nothing much to appreciate but the attractiveness while having sex on camera.

    And talking about brining, while wearing nothing but an apron, doesn’t mean you have a “cooking show.” Otherwise, all I’d have to do is have sex on video on the internet and I could be a “porn star.”

  • thatguyfromboston

    I’ve known him since before he ever did porn and he’s just an all around mensch and incredibly sexy to boot.

  • Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    Met him once. Super-aloof, borderline rude, irritating sense of entitlement. Also, diminutive in stature. I don’t judge porn stars one way or another for what they do, more power to ’em, but I don’t think this guy deserves any kind of special gushery. I just hope he’s not basing his self-worth on how many people want to seek his Amy, because that shit is fleeting.

  • AD1972

    I’ve read queerty for ages, but never felt the need to comment. First off, he is a porn star, not a complete piece of shit. As I sit here reading these comments, they just get nastier and more sadistic as it goes on. Admittedly, I am not into porn. Not for any other reason than it just doesn’t get me off. I just find it all sort of humorous. That being said, if I did find myself aroused by it, I would be proud. What harm is it doing? It seems most comments are rooted in self hating body image issues by the poster rather than the topic at hand. The whole porn star tag and escort tag (unsure if he does escort or not) is irrelevant. He provides a fantasy, and a safe fantasy at that. Where is the harm there? Unsure of his status in the porn world, but I doubt he is destroying families and mutilating babies by getting a blowjob on camera. There is no shame needed for that. He is providing a service. Seemingly a service many of you enjoy quite often given by how your comments are going.

    Gray Hunt:
    Seriously, who are you? Are you some adonis? I doubt I would find you attractive in the slightest. “Skinny Arms?” are you serious? I guess one might say his arms are skinny, but why is that a negative? They look perfectly normal and admittedly, sexy to me. Besides your obvious stereotypical tastes, your personality seems the most revolting. Seriously, you seem like such a sad lonely c*nt.

    No matter what ones opinion on porn or porn stars, the bottom line is there is no harm being done to humanity here. These degrading comments illustrate the reason majority of young gay men feel shame in coming out. Why should one come out to a culture full of judgmental body obsessed fags who think ones worth is defined by the thickness of his arms.

    You all make me ashamed to be queer. Get the f*ck over yourselves.

  • John

    very nice body, tats don’t bother me, ok looking but the pics with the longer hair looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in a while (turn off). Just my 2cents.

  • dvlaries

    If you’re taking porn star requests by any chance now, Tyler Riggz please.

  • Mark

    I like him, but that mesh half-shirt makes me sad.

  • countervail


    AD1972, I call bullshit on you. The reason the gay community is so “judgmental” is that there’s so much reverence and obsession over body image, a la PORN STARS. Sex is the gay community’s religion and porn stars are its bishops. It’s completely understandable that people appreciate attractiveness, but in the gay community people use it for everything and it takes on a power of it’s own for those that define themselves by the community. When’s the last time you picked up a gay magazine that didn’t use half-naked men to sell nearly anything, no matter how unrelated.

    So for you to be critical of people critiquing the looks of a performer whose main livelihood is derived from body image and sex is utterly hypocritical. If you want to get all huffy about “the gay community” and it’s judgmentalness, you need to go to the root of the problem there, not the people who act them out.

  • rick

    @dvlaries: i like that tyler riggz. he started out on larue’s live and raw and was such a jerk but now he lifts his legs to jesus and praises the lord in the most delightful way.

  • rick

    @rick: is calling bullshit like calling shenanigans?

  • rick

    @countervail: is calling bullshit like calling shenanigans?

  • AD1972

    I agree with you on the body obsession of the gay community. However, that is true in all society, gay or straight. Sex sells and what is deemed sexy by the social majority will be in vogue and command dollars. The gay community does define its worth based on attractiveness and we are to blame ourselves for that. I mean whose dildo would fair better at the market, the above guy or Louie Anderson?

    However, your point with it being hypocritical is unfounded. On those lines, one could say a girl getting date raped is merely the fault of society for having her date believe he is entitled to more no matter her intentions. Bollocks I say! One does need to get to the root of the problem, but one also needs to stand up against those who follow the pattern.

    The gay community does rely on sex way too much, as do men in general. Though, there are many others in said community who dont live for hookups at Daffy’s or live to see muscle dudes at Splash. Those are the ones that Im proud to be in a community with. To each his own. If muscles are your bag, then go nuts! If missing limbs are your thing, then by golly go for that! It all boils down to respect for other people and respect for yourself. JH does propagate the body obsessed image as that is what sells to that market. As long as $$$ are coming in it will continue on.

  • pdnoosh

    As “Shortbus” said, “Voyeurism is participation.” I buy that sentiment. After all, if there were no johns willing to pay, there would be no prostitution. Similarly, if there were no consumers of porn, there would be no porn producers. By that count, anyone who ever has — even once — sought out and enjoyed porn, or even looked for shirtless pics of attractive men for the sole purpose of getting some sort of erotic satisfaction out of them, is no better than anyone who participated in the making of said so-called porn. So if any of these judgemental, sex-phobic pearl-clutching bitches have been turned on by some sort of physically attractive man in a photo, they need to shut the fuck up. And if the haven’t … well, to parapharase a much better man than me, “He who is without sin, needs to take that goddamn stick out of their tight, self-righteous ass.”

  • countervail


    Your rape analogy is highly sympathetic but has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re talking about here.

    Johnny Hazard sells his body image and sexuality for money. And while I’m sympathetic to him as a human being, I have no similar obligation in respect to the goods he’s selling. If I don’t like the way he looks and that’s what he’s selling, why shouldn’t he expect criticism? Do you buy things and/or keep criticism to yourself just because you don’t want to hurt a manufacturer’s feelings? It may be impolite, but it’s certainly not unrealistic or unwarranted.

    I couldn’t give a flying fig that Johnny Hazard is a porn star, but it also doesn’t give him some special consideration beyond anyone else. And it certainly doesn’t give him immunity from criticism about his body image and sexuality especially since that’s what he’s selling.

    And pdnoosh, if anyone is being self-righteous, it’s you for not understanding the conversation. No one was criticizing the choices Johnny Hazard (I can’t believe I’ve typed that lame stage name so many times now) made but rather pointing out we’re not somehow obligated to be extra nice to him because he sells his body image and sexuality.

    And Shortbus was a stupid movie.

  • michael

    How many of us ever get to do what we really want for a living? How many of us even know what we would really want to do for a living? What most of us do is exchange something we have, a skill,
    a talent, an ability and we trade it for a paycheck. What I do for a living is based on 2 things, I am very talented at it, and I built upon the reputation of my family to move forward in it. But is it what I really enjoy spending my time doing? Hell no, but it pays really good and if it got me some sort of TV show that paid me even more would I do it? Hell yeah I would. Cause thats what we all work for, money. Yeah, there are a few out there that might have the secret of life down pat, but most of us don’t. So let the man make a living doing what brings him in the most cash and stop judging him. There are worst things one could do than to cook in nothing but an apron and have sex on film. And if there are those out there that find that hot, then let them enjoy watching. Life is to damned short people for this negative bullshit.

  • pdnoosh

    Countervail, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills.

  • AD1972

    I have not seen Shortbus, though a friend and I did see John Cameron Mitchell dining on steamed mussels with tomato and fennel at a café in West Village. We noted the blatant symbolism by him using 3 pats of butter on his parmesan garlic toast was a clear indication that he was a total size queen. As we dined, we clutched our pearls in disgust.

  • countervail

    Michael, I hear you. But the whole reason we went down this road in the first place is that people were all twitchy in their pants because this guy is a pretty porn star and not much else. Woop-de fucking doo. We don’t get to criticize who he is when he’s putting that out there to turn a buck? Bitch puhlease. And again, filming yourself in nothing but an apron while cooking does not mean you have a cooking show.

    AD1972, OK, points to you for making me laugh. :-)

    And pdnoosh, a more poignant retort would have actually addressed my comment. But if your badass activist self is so worked up, I’ll send you my address if you want to protest. They have a special on markers and poster board at the local Walgreen’s. Just check your spelling first. Grrr! Go girl!

  • nikko

    Brazilian?? I’m quite sure he’s Italain- I met him in Provincetown in 2001 before 911. He was a waiter at the Boatslip….mmmm, they were fun times.

  • Michael vdB


    Don’t take me the wrong way when I say this because I am not being sarcastic….I respect your intelligence. It is awsome to be able to have a dialog with someone without either party getting personal and starting to insult each other’s intelligence. Sure someone can add a retort now and again but debates just go downhill when everyone starts to call each other @ssholes (refer to the blood donation piece). lol. Keep it up and set the bar. :)

    AD1972… lol…I love that line…”As we dined, we clutched our pearls in disgust. lol. Cheers.

  • AD1972

    ha! i cant take the credit as it was a nod to

    No. 30 · pdnoosh

    (cut to me laughing at his statement in a paul lynde sort of way)

    also to clarify, i too was not aiming to insult Countervail or make any assumptions based on our disagreement in theory

  • Rob Moore

    @countervail: Talk about bullshit. Who made you queen of the May? Your crap about worship of body image is unrealistic. I’m not nor have I ever been an adonis, but in a voyeuristic context gay men look at men the same way straight men look at women. I work in a warehouse environment where the majority of employees are men. Well before I can possibly know anything about their personality, demeanor, or character, I see them. My brain automatically responds to how they look. It doesn’t mean I value them less or more, it simply means I do or do not find them physically attractive.

    The person with whom I work most closely is a man who on sight did not register as attractive but is also the person with whom I am closest in the company. I would go to bat for him anytime. It galls me to hear some ditzy, mindless, little fop going on and on about this shirt or that sweater that he thinks makes him look so good, but it is equally galling to hear someone sounding like some right wing religious moralist who passes judgment on highly attractive men and those who notice. You need to stop before you sound like someone who is trying to elevate his own sense of worth by tearing down others.

  • Jim

    jezus, it’s MORNING GOODS, people, lighten up

  • countervail

    [email protected]Rob Moore:

    I think you need to re-read what I wrote to better understand what I’m saying because it sounds like we actually agree more than you think. However, I think it’s a little heartless to brand Johnny a “ditzy, mindless, little fop” though. ;-)

    I also don’t agree that I’ve presented myself as a “religious moralist” seeing as I’ve never mentioned anything about religion nor take issue with anyone’s sexuality or sexual interest. I’m not sure where your interpretation of that is coming from but I can absolutely assure you you’re dead wrong on that point.

    But I agree that I pass judgment on attractive men whose business is selling their body image and sexuality to the gay community. Johnny Hazard is a brand, sex is his product. The packaging is nice but there’s nothing about the contents that makes me want to buy it. That might be different for others but I’m a little tired of how much influence this kind of product has within the gay community. Johnny Hazard’s self-worth is his business and has nothing to do with me but I have as much vested interest in the gay community as anyone else. I think we have a pretty subversive problem around this issue. We have people thinking themselves over-the-hill at 40. We have this amazingly catty and cliqueish culture at the clubs regarding body image and sexuality. Every other ad in gay publications features above-average looking guys in little clothing selling any variety of things that have nothing to do with being naked. And a lot of this boils down to some ugly consequences – depression, substance abuse, risky sex, generally poor personal choices…

    That being said, who are you to imply that I don’t get to have an opinion about the gay community because it might hurt someone else’s feelings? It’s because of my self-worth and regard of my own feelings that I don’t accept being solely defined as a gay man by body image and sex and I would hope that the rest of the people on this thread would feel likewise. I have no concern over other people’s business. But deifying pretty people, especially those that make their livelihood from it, as a cultural norm in the gay community is my business, just like it’s yours, because we are the gay community. We are better served by having these kinds of discussions, I would want you to have your say, and I would hope you would have the courtesy to give me the same consideration. That fact that you try to shut me down trough inaccurate branding says more about you and your understanding of my comments than it does of me. You deserve a hardy “f*ck you” but I hope you appreciate the time I’ve spent clarifying my position and what that position is (if only you took the time to consider it before).

  • pdnoosh

    It’s called DECAF, Countervail! Look into it!!!

  • nikko

    COUNTERVAIL and ROB MOORE both have both written valid points, neither of which negate each other.

  • Cee

    @ Rob Moore, you are so wrong. Gay men DO NOT look at men the same way straight men look at women. If I was a fat chick I could still bag a hot guy no problem. If I was a fat gay person I would have a terrible time bagging a hot guy and if I did it would be like a total fetish for the guy. What do they call them? Chub chasers? I think gay men view other men so much worse than straight men view women. Now that we have gotten completely off subject…I will say that I don’t think Johnny Hazzard is eye candy, but to each his own…lol Queerty, please don’t post anymore porn stars as morning goods…lol Those goods are like library books. Been checked out a million times.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    You’re on a roll!

    You never did say if you felt it is warrant to post so many comments on something that provides fantasy, relaxation to others THUS pleases them, instead of well, people who atually do really bad things and erm, warrant your time and effort on a thread..

    I say this as I’ve never seen you on one of the more pressing issues on Queerty..

  • countervail

    @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

    Well I usually focus these kinds of efforts on sites that scheme in the dark rather than live in the light (gay republicans/conservatives are a particular favorite to badger). And I’ve posted several places in the past, sometimes on here, but there’s no point preaching to the choir. It just got to me for some reason because I do think it’s an important issue. It all ties into mainstreaming/normalization and gay culture. There are a lot of gay civil rights issues out there that hinge on public perception and its these kinds of conversations that helps advance those causes.

    The internet and gay culture is full of fantasy like Morning Goods and I like and am glad Queerty has the feature. I just felt the need to bring home the fact that as a culture, I think the gay community gives far too much consideration to this kind of fantasy and the people who use it for financial gain when it does have real and serious side-effects.

  • Robert

    I agree with about 98% off the points of view set forth by “countervail” on this topic.
    What I personally don’t understand is why so many people seem to regard porn “actors” as some sort of special beings to be admired, worshiped and to emulate [hence the Gay man’s obsession with what I refer to as the “body-beautiful” quest]. Everybody has the right to live his/ her live as they choose. But a porn “actor” [there isn’t much acting in those movies] basically is a prostitute. That doesn’t make him/ her any less of a human being, but it certainly doesn’t exactly make him/ her the example I would hold up to any youngster I know, to aspire to. I’m acquainted with somebody who makes porn movies and from him I’ve learned that most of the time the performers don’t know whom they’ll be having sex with when they sign on for a project. They usually meet the person or persons they’ll be working with on the set. The general information they have is # When they are expected to show up; # Where they are expected [location]; # the role they are assigned [top/ bottom for those who are versatile performers]; # how much they’ll be paid for their scene(s). Only a selected few know in advance whom they’ll be working with and of those hardly any have the choice in co-performers. As far as I can see that’s just about the same information an escort has when he/ she goes out to meet a client. Therefore I respectfully ask: “What are we talking about”? Johnny Hazzard and everybody else in his line of work might be handsome, sexy, and every other words of praise and adoration you may choose to lay at his feet, but would you take him to a company dinner with the board of directors and introduce him as your lover? Especially when you know that there may be other Gay men present? Maybe I’m weak and spineless but I wouldn’t. Just like a career in the porn industry automatically means that certain careers will be impossible for a former porn “actor” to pursue with any degree of success. That might NOT be fair but fairness has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of day-to-day living. And all the people out there [including the performers themselves] who come on these forums and try to sell me that horses**t of how intelligent a certain performer is and that he/ she is a college and/ or University graduate should really re-think that story. I’m a University graduate and so are all my friends. None of us would ever consider a move into an elevated form of prostitution a.k.a. becoming a porn “star”! I am certain I make more per annum then a porn “star” and I have the respect of my peers and the community at large [rightly or wrongly so] why would I throw all that away to have sex on tape with numerous people whom I don’t know [or even like], who might not be my socio-economic and intellectual equals and have to battle the stigma that comes along with my “new” profession? It just doesn’t make any sense! Unless I’m behaving thusly as the result of sexual abuse suffered during childhood. In all other instances I tend to believe that it’s all a story to give the performers some extra gloss [like the whole Gay4Pay nonsense] but in fact these guys are like the beautiful buildings you see along the Via Tornabuoni in the historical center of Florence, all lit up at night but sadly: Nobody’s home!

  • nikko

    ROBERT, that was perfect! I so agree.

  • scott ny'er

    “Johnny Hazzard and everybody else in his line of work might be handsome, sexy, and every other words of praise and adoration you may choose to lay at his feet, but would you take him to a company dinner with the board of directors and introduce him as your lover? Especially when you know that there may be other Gay men present? Maybe I’m weak and spineless but I wouldn’t.”
    Weak? Spineless? Naw. Shallow? Yes. Because I’m getting, he’s in porn therefore he is not worthwhile to be introduced as your significant other (who the hell says, “hi, nice to meet you, this is my lover” at a company function).

    I get what your saying. There is a reputation one has that comes with being a porn star but c’mon let’s be real. You would feel ashamed about that. And in a way that’s kind of sad. It’s just sex. It’s not like he murdered someone. Honestly, I too, am not certain I would be up to introducing someone who does porn, at a company function, but I’m aware of this and do think it’s a sad fact on my behalf as well.

    Now back to Hazzard. The mofo is effin hot. He does remind me of Richard Gere and his smoldering eyes. Damn, I love his looks.

  • Alexander

    ??????! ? ???? ????? ????? ????????

  • greg

    Had an encounter with Johnny recently. BTW, his real name is Frankie, which I find much sexier. He is a bright guy. Sorry to dissapoint all those jaded queens, and he is quite nice to boot. He would make someone a great husband, but for none of you bitches who want the looks, the pedigree and the A-list creds. Pity.

  • kitty Litter

    Define encounter.

    Also what has he been up to lately?

    Some of us still would like to know.

  • greg

    I saw Johnny in P-town over the summer. He was there for the season. Never met a porn star before, and I expected to be underwhelmed, and unimpressed. Neither happened. Shame on me for stereotyping.

    I think he just went to LA for some work with Miss Lady Chi Chi. Trust me, the guy looks great, and he has legs in more ways than one. If he decides to stay in the industry, he can do it for a long time.

    But actually talking to the guy was almost as fantastic. He is an accomplished clothing designer. Not Project Runway, but perhaps Project Chelsea. And I was sincerely impressed.

  • jckfmsincty

    ANd, he cooks? Any good sauces?

  • Mike

    Dudes got a real cockiness about him—Cause instant turn off—BE REAL PEOPLE —Plastic is for the garbage….

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