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Murray Bartlett is “surprised” his breakout role came at age 50

“It’s definitely a surprise. It’s not like I expected it to happen, for sure. But now that it has happened, it feels like it’s really good timing … I’m a bit wiser. I’m anchored in myself. I mean, I get a few more aches than I used to.

It’s the nature – for me, at least – of hitting [milestones like turning 50] where you reflect back and think: ‘Well, am I where I want to be in my life?’ And I am. We made the choice to move out of the city; I’m in nature again, which I feel is my natural habitat. I’m in a wonderful relationship. I had this amazing opportunity to do [The White Lotus]. Reflecting back, I just felt incredibly lucky and happy to be where I am.”— Actor Murray Bartlett reflecting on his White Lotus success in an interview with The Guardian. Bartlett’s next project is another HBO drama, The Last of Us.