Natl. Stonewall Dems Blast ‘Blade’ For DNC Race Emails

Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff and his staff better watch their backs. The National Stonewall Democrats are, like, totally pissed the weekly paper published emails between DNC’s Brian Bond and an anonymous Stonewaller. Those emails, which we also published, accused DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry, as well as other prominent black leaders, of homophobia and a racialized bunker mentality. Read the Wallers’ wails, after the jump.

Dear Editor,

Everyone at National Stonewall Democrats was concerned by the emails from 2006 we saw in the Washington Blade story titled “DNC Lawsuit Reveals Black vs. Gay Rivalry”. The hurtful and personal attacks in these emails do not represent the views of our organizations or the people we work with. We apologize to Rev. Leah Daughtry, Gov. Howard Dean, and others for these emails. We have already taken corrective action throughout the organization to ensure that it is not repeated.

We’re disappointed that the Washington Blade article leaves the impression that we currently do not have a positive relationship with the Democratic National Committee, and does not discuss substantial body of work produced to increase the prominence of LGBT Democrats, and especially LGBT Democrats of color. We appreciate the work of Gov. Dean and Rev. Daughtry, especially Rev. Daughtry’s most recent work to include LGBT people in the convention planning process, her longstanding work on HIV/AIDS policy and funding, Gov. Dean’s historic incorporation of our community, and the other positive collaborations under his tenure.

We look forward to working with the Democratic National Committee, Rev. Daughtry and Gov. Dean, other progressive organizations, and LGBT Democrats across the country to promote our shared investment in true equality.


Jon Hoadley
Executive Director
National Stonewall Democrats

Stephen Driscoll and Laurie McBride
National Stonewall Democrats