Um, what?

The new red-band trailer for that “Heathers” reboot is here, and no one knows what to make of it

Heathers is back, but Heathers has changed — so much so that Heathers is all but unrecognizable.

Instead of the high school bullies being blonde, A-type personalities with sadistic streaks, we get a genderqueer student who imperiously parades around with a tasseled black parasol; a plus-sized harridan with a perennial scowl and PVC Hot Topic stylings; and a person of color who trudges along with the other two, looking for trouble.

The script has been officially flipped for the upcoming TV series — but to what end? Some of the dialogue — such as “The gays and the Jews are over” — is already hitting people the wrong way.

Also, the trailer makes it look like a white cis couple is going around murdering a bunch of marginalized high schoolers.

But Shannon Doherty is in it, so there’s that.

What do you think? A cult classic successfully rebooted for a new generation — or a colossal failure in the making that demonstrates why the nostalgia train must be derailed at once? 

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