While some fag rag’s celebrate pride with a party guide, booze cruise or advice on how to neatly fit that rainbow flag up your ass, New York’s Next‘s looking to change the game a bit. Or, rather, a lot.

Since taking over last year, EIC Justin Ocean‘s been striving for a new image. Gone are the drunken slags, meth mad drag queens and horrible faggot messes. In are the thoughtful, motivated and – most importantly – diverse melange of ‘mos.

The Nexter’s know the gay times are a changin’. That’s why their pride issue’s dedicated to the changing face of gay New York. Or, as they say, New Gay York:

“LGBT” might be a convenient moniker, but it doesn’t begin to describe our complexities. Even among gay men, stereotypes such as twink, bear, hipster, Chelsea boy, homothug and theater queen increasingly don’t apply.

The 2007 gay landscape is dispersed and diverse. Jocks aren’t just something gay men fetishize, it’s something they are. Gender play isn’t just performance, it’s fab way of life. Masculinity isn’t just a butch facade. Sexuality (and it’s kinks) can be celebrated- with family. Porn stars can become pop stars. Social life can be brokered online. Activism takes all forms. We’re everywhere. We’re everything. This is New Gay York.

The homo-journos then feature a twelve-page selection of the Big Apple’s proud – but not rainbow waving – gays. While the issue’s definitely looking good, we do think it’s a bit queer that no women reside in this so-called “New Gay York”. Don’t want to get too diverse, we suppose.

We won’t give away all of Next‘s surprises, but we’ve gone ahead and included our favorite of their queer collage: 39-year old Rick Weber and his family.

In addition to being a redhead, the Mr. Eagle New York, 2007, Weber’s also a proud papa, an activist and a systems specialist for a law firm, whatever that means. Here’s a little snippet from his interview.

Next: What are you most proud of?

Weber: Raising two great kids to have open minds and watching them pass the openness along to their friends. Also, placing fifth out of 52 contestants at the International Mr. Leather competition and having [my lover] Peter, Jeannie (my ex-wife and best-friend) and the kids cheering for me the whole time.

Do you guys think Rick’s son, Sean, brings that Mr. Eagle championship belt to show and tell? If so, what do you think he tells?

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