More Time For Jon Buice

No Parole For Gay Man’s Killer

Convicted killer Jon Buice won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon. A Texas parole board decided that Buice still hasn’t served enough time for his role in the 1991 murder of 27-year old banker Paul Broussard, who lost his life at the hands of ten vicious men. Buice was sentenced to serve 45 years. It’s been sixteen.

In those years, Buice says, he’s learned the viciousness of his actions. He wrote in a 1999 letter:

I have gained a more relative understanding of what took place that night in Houston. It was never my intention to harm anyone… In my youth I made poor decisions. After years here in prison, I see how disruptive my life and attitudes were.

Buice’s alleged sorrow isn’t saddening Andy Kahan, who directs the Mayor’s Crime Victims Office, “We’re thankful the parole board saw fit to deny parole to someone who has not served half of his sentence.” Kahan vowed to continue the fight in 2009, when Buice will again face parole review.

Broussaid’s mother surely celebrated the news: she doesn’t want Buice to be considered for parole until at least 2018, 27-years after Buice helped kill her 27-year old son.