Not Even the Wife of Prop 8-Supporting Hotelier Doug Manchester Can Stand Him


You don’t even need to mention the word “irony,” but “raging hypocrite” will suffice. Doug Manchester — the hotelier who donated $125,000 to help Prop 8, watched as millions of dollars in business evaporate, and hired a gay publicist to try to woo back gay travelersis getting divorced.

In fact, the moneyed protector of opposite marriage tried ending the marriage in October, but a “quiet” divorce proceedings broke down last month with accusations of Doug draining the accounts he shared with soon-to-be ex-wife Elizabeth. The amounts of money being thrown around in the he-said she-said reports are staggering: $100,000 in cash here, a stolen $8.2 million tax refund check there, and $9.3 million drained from a joint account over there. Then there’s the six vacation properties the duo own together.


That’s a lot to split up! Which is why the divorce will likely drag on beyond the one-year mark; the next court date is Sept. 17. Let’s hope Elizabeth ends up with some of that sanctimonious blood money!

And bee-tee-dubs? The boycott on Manchester’s hotels remains.

(Thanks, Jon!)