Not Even the Wife of Prop 8-Supporting Hotelier Doug Manchester Can Stand Him


You don’t even need to mention the word “irony,” but “raging hypocrite” will suffice. Doug Manchester — the hotelier who donated $125,000 to help Prop 8, watched as millions of dollars in business evaporate, and hired a gay publicist to try to woo back gay travelersis getting divorced.

In fact, the moneyed protector of opposite marriage tried ending the marriage in October, but a “quiet” divorce proceedings broke down last month with accusations of Doug draining the accounts he shared with soon-to-be ex-wife Elizabeth. The amounts of money being thrown around in the he-said she-said reports are staggering: $100,000 in cash here, a stolen $8.2 million tax refund check there, and $9.3 million drained from a joint account over there. Then there’s the six vacation properties the duo own together.


That’s a lot to split up! Which is why the divorce will likely drag on beyond the one-year mark; the next court date is Sept. 17. Let’s hope Elizabeth ends up with some of that sanctimonious blood money!

And bee-tee-dubs? The boycott on Manchester’s hotels remains.

(Thanks, Jon!)

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  • geoff

    I hope his opposite divorce is as sanctified as his opposite marriage was. I hope she takes him for everything she can.

  • AlwaysGay

    Karma. Good.

  • PaybackBitch

    I hope lgbt activists are courting soon-to-be-former Mrs. Manchester, stealthily, and heavily. Want some payback, Ma’am? We can help you get under his skin real, real good.

  • Fitz

    Maybe he knew this was coming, and maybe he loves the gays– wanted to save us what he is about to go though.

  • galefan2004

    Thank god the divorce is happening CA so she will at least get half, but you guys haven’t considered the option that maybe she is just as ape shit crazy as he is.

  • galefan2004

    @Fitz: That is a new concept. The people that don’t want to see gay marriage legalized aren’t trying to prevent gay marriage but instead are trying to prevent gay divorce. I’m assuming this was sarcasm.

  • terrwill

    Notice how similar his building looks to the Main HQ Temple of the Moron Church????????

  • terrwill

    ps: “Moron” church is not a typo…………….

  • ioni

    Serves him right! And it is so ironic that he will continue to persue the traditional marriage path…

  • fitz

    @galefan2004: 8 times out of 10, you can assume I am being a sarcastic ass.

  • Gorbeh

    Obviously his wife is one of those women who go to college for a year to meet some dude who will be successful, seduces the guy and marries him then drops out to leech off his paycheck. And now cause he’s losing money she ditches him. The world would be better without the damn breeders. Before Eve came it was paradise! She ruined everything for Adam!

  • Sol Invictus Shining

    Gorbeh,you are the product of two heterosexuals, breeders, are you not?

    How is it you are so much above heterosexual marriage, being someone who has voluntarily removed himself from the gene pool ?

    Should someone say the world is a better place for your decision?

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