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Notre Dame’s Student Newspaper Won’t Publish the Crazy Anti-Gay Rants of Its Own Faculty

Since 1992, Notre Dame’s law school professor emeritus Dr. Charles E. Rice has seen his biweekly column “Right or Wrong” published in the student newspaper, The Observer. That ended this week, when the editors refused to publish his latest monologue. Which just happened to be a giant F-U to homosexuals.

The Observer finds itself playing defense of late, given the newspaper’s printing of a “Mobile Party” cartoon that appeared to advocate gay bashing. So we can understand why the paper’s editor Matt Gamber wants to play it safe with regards to The Gays. Or maybe it’s because Dr. Rice’s latest column is a piece of fundamentalist propaganda so absurd, well, it almost belongs in a Catholic university’s publication.

His column reads in part: “It would be a mistake to view the homosexual issue as simply a question of individual rights. The militant ‘gay rights’ movement seeks a cultural and legal redefinition of marriage and the family, contrary to the reality rooted in reason as well as faith. Marriage, a union of man and woman, is the creation not of the state but of God himself as seen in Genesis.” That line was preceded with four bullet points about the Bible teaching homosexuality is wrong, including such gems as “homosexual acts are always objectively wrong” and “since homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered,’ the inclination toward those acts is disordered.”

Upon learning his column wouldn’t run, Dr. Rice, who teaches the “Law and Morality” course, said in a statement: “In a university that claims to be Catholic, I am not willing to restrict my presentation of Catholic teaching to a format that treats the authoritative teaching of the Church as merely one viewpoint or ‘side’ among many. If you require that future columns of mine on homosexuality comply with a format such as you propose, it will be inappropriate for me to continue writing the column for the Observer.”

Well then. You’re fired.