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Now Brooke Lynn Hytes is sharing thoughts on the “jarring” shakeup at ‘Drag Race Canada’

“It was very jarring, because I knew Jeffrey wasn’t going to be coming back, and that sucked, and then I was like, ‘Well at least I still have [my other cohost, Stacey McKenzie]’, and then Stacey wasn’t coming back, and it was like everything I knew from season one was like torn away from me. So it was very jarring and it happened very much at the last minute.

It’s one of those things – they say everything happens for a reason and I believe that’s true, I think [Stacey and I] just had so much fun together, we’ve had the best time and I think you can see that if you’re watching the season. You can see the chemistry, you can see how much fun we’re having and how much we just get along easily.

That’s something that’s really special and that’s something that does not happen very often on TV. So it was hard, but everything happens for a reason and it all worked out.”— ‘Drag Race Canada’ host Brooke Lynn Hytes speaking to Metro about the judging panel exodus after season 1.