Now & Then: Are Drag Race Fans’ Pre-Season Favorites Holding Up?

Each year, as the new RuPaul’s Drag Race cast is announced, fans are quick to choose teams and pick favorites. After nearly a year of waiting, you can’t blame fans for jumping the gun in the rush of excitement that comes along with the new cast announcement. But now that we’ve seen the first episode, do our initial impressions based on photos and Meet the Queens videos still hold up?

Vote for your favorites in our new early season fan favorite poll, and see how our impressions have changed over just a few months:

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More

Here is the now-closed pre-season fan favorite poll:

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More

Let’s just remember Joslyn Fox skyrocketing from one of the least popular season 6 queens going into episode 1 to a huge fan favorite by the finale! Wonk wonk.

Which queens are you liking more than you thought you would?