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Now You Can Finally Know How Much GLAAD’s Jarrett Barrios Earns!

GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios, who’s previously been super secretive about how much cash he’s raking in from his Gay Inc. post, is earning $225,000 a year — which Barrios was happy to note (while refusing to give an actual dollar figure) amounted to a 10-15 percent reduction from predecessor Neil Giuliano’s fee. Also revealed in GLAAD finally releasing 2009’s 990 IRS form? The organization is hurting for cash. (Update: GLAAD responds.)

Hired partway through 2009, Barrios took home an actual $79,648 in salary and $1,370 in “additional compensation,” notes the Bay Area Reporter. (Giuliano “earned $208,637 in 2009 salary plus another $4,935 in additional compensation.”)

But that says little about GLAAD’s overall financial picture, which is more dire than ever. While the org took in $14 million in 2008, in 2009 total revenue topped out at just $5.1 million, resulting in a loss of about $1.5 million for the year. Most interestingly, notes BAR, is the “decline in contributions came as GLAAD increased what it paid for professional fundraising fees, spending $18,107 in 2008 and close to $160,000 last year.” As for its lavish three-city Media Awards fundraisers? The events in 2009 cost $1.3 million and earned $613,145; that means the events intended to raise cash lost $276,380. (See update below.)

Hope those passed shrimp toasts were delicious!

Update: GLAAD PR director Richard Ferraro says the Bay Area Reporter‘s reading of its 990 form, which we based our report on, is wrong: “This is entirely inaccurate. On our 990 form, the $613,145 comes from NON-Media Awards events held throughout the year. The GLAAD Media Awards are considered a program of GLAAD and are included in the line reading ‘All other contributions, gifts, grants and similar amounts not included above.’ This line is $4,514,002 and also includes other individual gifts, grants and bequests. The GLAAD Media Awards in 2009 raised over $2.8M. Your reporting of our other community and special events revenue as revenue from the GLAAD Media Awards makes it look like the GLAAD Media Awards lost money in 2009. This is erroneous. You report that the organization took in $14M in 2008. A significant part of this was from a large pledge that will be received over 5 years. However, accounting rules dictate that the gift must be reported in full the first year. Lastly, your analysis of the GLAAD Media Awards fails to state that the events took place prior to the arrival of Jarrett Barrios and prior to costs being cut. In 2010, we have successfully and substantially reduced expenses for the GLAAD Media Awards which will be compiled and filed with next year’s 990.”

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