Is Non-Profit "Duplicitous"?

NYC Gays v. HRC

Some New York nancies took time on November 20th to send HRC a special message: “Up yours”. Gay City News’ Andy Humm fills us in:

…A group of about 40 mostly veteran LGBT activists picketed a social gathering for members of the Human Rights Campaign at the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street, scene of the 1969 [Stonewall Revolt]

Jon Winkleman, a gay activist and board member of the National Stonewall Democrats, organized the protest against what he termed HRC’s “dishonesty and duplicity” in supporting the US House passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act covering sexual orientation but dumping gender identity and expression.

“HRC and its executive director Joe Solmonese repeatedly told the community they were fighting for an inclusive ENDA when they were secretly lobbying Congress to pass the more expedient lesbian-and-gay-only version.” Winkleman said.

Winkleman and his pals went on to call for Solmonese’s resignation. The odds of that happening are about as good as Solmonese muff diving (excluding Nancy Pelosi).