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  • Brandon

    he didnt spell pedophiles right lol. and i dont even want to read the whole thing, it is insulting AND badly drawn

  • mark

    The silliest part of this guy’s campaign, he would only have some teeny tiny tangental gay issue, if perhaps an OK 2nd District gay resident had a pothole in front of their home. His website is just bizarro-world.

  • mark

    from the pics on his website, the same talentless hack who drew this comic, hand letters his campaign signs,(like a 6 yo.)

  • mark


    Honey, let me explain this in very simple terms.
    If you were governor of OK you’d be a big fish in a small pond. If you were US Senator from OK you’d be a medium size fish in a small pond. If you were mayor of Tulsa you’d be a small fish in a tiny pond. Being one of three County commisioners….you aren’t a motherf*cking minnow in a tea cup. So shut the Hell up, and as a comic story writer,….don’t quit your day job in heating and air conditioning.

  • FistFight

    It’s too ridiculous to get angry at. I wanted to get angry at it, gosh dang it!!


    These second grade drawings are supposed to be a comic book how? LOL

  • Leeerker

    I just knew that the devil was drawn by Matt Groening and speaks in sentence fragments that end in exclamation points.

  • Kid A

    The art was by someone named Shane Suiters. He’s credited on the last page. I think the assumption here is that it was Rinehart himself, which is not the case.

  • fanboi

    As a longtime fan of comic books, I must insist it takes more than a bunch of pencil scrawls and poorly printed capital letters to make a comic book. Even if it hadn’t been filled with the hateful rantings of desperate man… even if it had been filled with the brightest, most inspiring wisdom ever spouted by a politician (I use the term loosely in this case, the artwork alone would mark it a joke.

    Someone signed their name to this art and distributed it?

    Even worse, someone saw the art and still paid the artist?

  • hell's kitchen guy

    He really needs a Gay to give this thing some taste and class.

  • Alacer

    one day he’s going to wake up and realize most of the human race kept evolving and left him in the dust, poor thing.

  • Willie Hewes

    I’ve ranted about this elsewhere, but dammit, I’m still angry.

    I have seen comics by a 14 year old that were miles ahead of this. It’s just unbelievably pathetic.

    The spelling! The grammar! The Good Ol Boys with thumbs on the outside of their hands! Aaargh! This is going to give me nightmares.

  • Bob R

    I’m beginning to think that all candidates for political office should be forced to undergo psychological screening. There are just too many psychopaths and sociopaths being elected and re-elected to political office. This moron obviously needs some serious counseling and probably medication.

  • Cory R.

    I’ve met Brent… he smells…

  • Darth Paul

    Was this a rough draft? Seriously, that sh!t is laughably weak.

  • CitizenGeek

    Wow, that’s despicable ….

  • Model Dave

    How long before he’s found trolling for dick in a public toilet?

  • Ron Foster

    If you go to this guy’s web site ( there’s a picture of him behind a desk with books on it. The books are facing spine-out, i.e., they’re there for YOU to see, not for HIM to use. Jackass.

  • Kate

    This looks like the storyboard to a student film, were the student taking film classes at Oral Roberts University.

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