Our Gaydar Just Exploded

Never in our lives have we seen a man whose aura, air and hair scream “gay” to such an ear (eye?) splitting degree.

Apparently, however, we’re deaf – or is it blind? – because this man, a fashion guru named Sixto, will marry a woman. Via Latin Gossip:

Ultra feminine fashionista Sixto Nolasco, who up until recently was a red carpet critic for Latin media, has come out of the closet…as a straight man! That’s right, the man you see in the picture (loves skirts, extensions, and heels) is getting married to a woman.

In an interview with our friends at AMOR 107.5 in Miami, Sixto announced that he has had sex with men, but that he is straight now. He also made mention that this union is not for papers.

Apparently, the gay community is in an uproar over this…feeling very betrayed.

Betrayed? Fuck that – we’re confused. Our entire world just crumbled. What’s that old saying? Don’t judge a book by its cover? Or, in this case, an assumed fashion fag by his belt buckle, embroidered coat and/or diva pose.