Out There: Chocolate Love

suck my choc

• Now that the holiday movies have come and gone we can anxiously await the porn movies borrowing from the blockbuster names. Our fave: Snatch Point [Manhattan Offender]

• Yet more meaningless and pointless blog awards have launched. These are the originals, though. And they still mean absolutely nothing. But, yeah, free feel to nominate us for a Bloggie. [Bloggies]

• We have found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. The Chocolate Clone-A-Willy kit allows you to make an edible chocolate copy of any penis. Swear to God. [Gizmodo]

Amanda Lepore’s debut single “Champagne” has been released and is available online at iTunes. And, it’s actually not too bad. [Amanda Lepore Online]

Brokeback Mountain looks as though it might be a boom to the prostitution industry. Gitty-up cowboy! [New America Media]