Will Call For Placating Floor Vote

Pelosi “Committed” To Inclusive ENDA

Nancy Pelosi equates gay rights with Let’s Make A Deal. The Democratic Speaker of the House committed Friday to putting an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act to a floor vote “as soon as the votes to pass the legislation were delivered.” Since those votes don’t exist, however, Pelosi and company are also moving ahead with a gay-only ENDA, which effectively excludes trans people.

Human Rights Campaign celebrated the irrational compromise, saying,

[This] is an unprecedented departure from the usual delays seen in Congress on an issue that will have already been considered by the full House.

That press release begins, “The Human Rights Campaign has collaborated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi”. Forget the Good Germans – we’ve got ourselves the Good Gays.

Queer activist Mara Keisling blasted the deal, telling Gay City News:

The decision has been made that they intend to move ahead. This would be an historic first that they would hold a vote on a piece of civil rights legislation that is not supported by any LGBT or civil rights group [except HRC].

“There is a lot of anger. And a lot of disappointment with HRC… No one has yet been willing to explain why we need to move forward on a bill that has no chance to be passed into law at this time.

Simple: politics, as usual.

Hearing the protests, HRC released another press release in which it attempts to justify its protracted pussy-footing:

Within hours of this major development towards an inclusive ENDA, vocal critics not involved with internal legislative discussions, wrongly characterized this extension as a means to kill the bill. In fact, the leadership has consistently put forth legislative options to expedite the process to attain a vote on a fully inclusive bill.

Friday’s announcement by Speaker Pelosi not only reaffirms their intentions of a House vote but does so by providing GLBT organizations with the opportunity to continue building support for an inclusive ENDA. A vote on a fully inclusive bill was placed on a fast-track by Speaker Pelosi – how fast the bill travels on that track is in the hands of the entire GLBT community, partnering with our key allies on the Hill, to continue the education process.

Way to give Nancy an out, HRC – not to mention continuing to make yourselves look like the only Washington insiders: “vocal critics not involved with internal legislative discussions”. Again, the Good Gays.

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