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Pennsylvania’s Gay Marriage Will Be a ‘Trainwreck,’ Asserts ‘Bad, Bad’ Man

Some in Pennsylvania want the gays to get married. Some do not. Comedy ensues!

State Senator Daylin Leach wants the gay marriage and is introducing legislation to make it happen; it’s being met with counter-legislation from Sen. John Eichelberger, who aims to just ban it.

So Leach and crazypants Pastor Bill Devlin of Redeem the Vote went on the teevee in a Fox 29 interview to debate just how much same-sex marriage will ruin families. Mr. Devlin claims the legislation “makes Pennsylvania look like a backwards state.” Please also count the number of times Devlin says “trainwreck” and “bad,” because those are the only two words he memorized.

NB: We especially like how Devlin turns the religious right’s argument — that marriage strengthens families — on its head to argue in favor of gay nuptials.

(Video via Gay Rights Media)