People divided over whether lurid details of married news anchor’s death should have been made public

Chris Burrous

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released the official cause of death beloved KTLA morning news personality Chris Burrous.

According to the report, 43-year-old Burrous was found unconscious in a motel room in Glendale, California on December 27 after a man called police to say “an individual he was with had passed out and was possibly not breathing.”

The man, who said he initially met Burrous on Grindr and had seen him four times previously for sex, tried to perform CPR on Burrous before paramedics arrived. Shortly before Burrous had fallen unconscious, he’d inserted two rocks of crystal meth in his rectum.

Burrous died while in transit to the hospital.

Since the report was made public, people have been divided over whether it was fair for the Coroner to release the full thing given its horrific contents.

Many feel the lurid details should have been kept private:

Others seem to think it’s fair game:

And then there are the trolls who seem to think the whole thing is one big gay joke…

Burrous appeared on Los Angeles’ KTLA since 2011, co-anchoring the weekend edition of KTLA Morning News and acting as a correspondent for other affiliate telecasts. He was well-known for his “Burrous Bites” segments featuring local restaurants.

He is survived by a wife and daughter. The other man was not charged with a crime and the death was ruled accidental.

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