People are trolling Jerry Falwell Jr. on Twitter with sexy pool boy GIFs and it’s amazing

People can’t seem to get enough of this whole Jerry Falwell Jr. x-rated photos Miami pool boy scandal.

The pool boy in question is Giancarlo Granda, a 20-something Georgetown University student who, earlier this week, put out a statement denying any involvement in the matter and asking everyone to please stop calling him a “pool boy.” (He prefers the term “pool attendant.”)

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Granda’s attorney, Aaron Resnick, told Miami New Times that his client has “no idea about the alleged ‘personal photographs’” of Falwell and that he definitely isn’t the person who tried blackmailing the evangelical leader, adding that any reports suggesting otherwise are “absolutely false.”

Meanwhile, an attorney for the Falwells has called the whole story “not accurate” and insists “there are no compromising or embarrassing photos of Falwell, period!”

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But that hasn’t stopped people from tweeting GIFs of sexy pool boys at Falwell, who has begun furiously blocking people who are making fun of his predicament, going so far as to update his Twitter bio to say: “Haters will be blocked.”

And now, the GIFs…

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