Perez The Cartoon


Perez Hilton is at it again and Gawker is having none of it. Apparently, Hilton is getting a little too big for his blog britches and is beginning to alienate some of those who once held his site near and dear.

Now Perez’s site does have the readers. Read his comments section and draw your own conclusions about the quality of such a readership, but even though they’re many an idiot, there is a shitload of them. We gotta give the boy props for that.

So Gawker decided to call Mario out on his bullshit concerning this Playboy party. We don’t know if we agree with them 100%, but now that Perez has become the subject of his site, and not the real celebrities he once attacked, we don’t care to bother with it so much. His fashions though, they’re too offensive to not note.

Living in LA should allow him access to the world’s top stylists. So we’re at a loss that she continues to be photographed in these duds. Come on girl! You’re big time Perez: TV, radio, all your LA friends, your millions of fans. There is no excuse to wear those outfits.

You’re becoming a cartoon, the very person you once lampooned. Which, we guess, is sadly the idea.

Perez Hilton Makes Us Hate Ourselves [Gawker]