Philly’s Luis Hernandez on the power of the ’80s to keep in shape


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This post is part of a series of Queerty conversations with models, trainers, dancers, and, well, people who inspire us to stay in shape–or just sit on the couch ogling them instead.

Name: Luis Hernandez, 30

City: I live in the city of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia.

Profession: My main focus is my personal training business, but I’d love to get into spin instruction; spin it’s church for me.

What is your favorite gym for working out?

My favorite gym here in Philadelphia is BPM Fitness.

Do you have a favorite exercise playlist?

I sure do have a favorite playlist, 80s rock is my go-to but anything with a good beat that I can dance to while working out is a must.

What’s the best food to eat prior to a workout?

My top three best foods to eat before working out are: 1 – Bread (Carbs), 2 – Eggs (Protein), and 3 – Chicken (Protein).

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What’s the best outfit for working out? 

I think the best outfit is definitely one that is shoeless, it helps you feel and grip the floor. My go-to is Lululemon leggings and a crop top!

How do you balance staying in shape and having fun? 

I always prioritize my workouts, especially at the start of the day when possible. This leaves the rest of the day to fill my social gas tank. Happiness breeds good results.

What’s a basic, if useful, workout tip you can offer?

Basic yet useful workout tips are: 1 – Eat more Whole Foods, 2 – Drink more water, 3 – Sleep 7 – 8 hours a day, and 4 – More movement throughout your day. Go for a walk, ride a bike or take the stairs more than the elevator. If you work at a desk all day you will tend to have tight hips and tight shoulders from sitting and typing all day. Set a timer for one hour and every hour stand up maybe do some squats and shoulder shrugs. Shoulder and hip cars are great stretches for folks that sit most of the day.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I keep my clients motivated with my personality, we crack jokes and have a lot of fun. I also like to keep track of our progress and add weekly or monthly challenges to keep things spicy.

What do you keep on your nightstand?

My nightstand always seems to have a half-filled bottle of water that never gets drank.

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