PHOTO: Would You Hit It? (Stephen Amell In “Arrow” Edition)


We miss the hot-actor parade that was Superboy, but fortunately the CW has managed to make amends with Arrow, the small-screen adventures of comic-book hero Green Lantern. In this scene, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has obviously been imprisoned—well, either that or he’s prepping for the new Michael Lucas movie.

We’re not so big on scars and bruises, but we can’t deny Amell’s unbridled hotness. So, would you hit it?




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  • Dumdum

    I would love to see the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) from Smallville and Amell do the wild monkey dance. Two hot arrows makin whoopy. OUCH! The scars and bruises are for the ruff trade crowd.

  • Greg From Denver

    Anytime, Anywhere.

  • EdWoody

    Hell mo-fo’ing yeah I’d hit it.

    Or more likely, I’d allow it to hit me.

    However, I’m not sure if referring to the TV show Smallville erroneously as Superboy was supposed to be one of those subversively clever jokes to express how much you really don’t care what the show is called as long as there are hot men in it, or if that’s giving you too much credit. Knowing Queerty I’m leaning towards the latter.

  • EdWoody

    @EdWoody: Oh, and then there’s the mixing up of Green Arrow with Green Lantern as well. Sigh…

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Hot actor, crap show.

  • erich40

    He is cute, but crappy show. He does have a nice body, needs to fill out a bit more and grow some hair on his chest. Not a big fan of tattoos, always think about what theyare going to look like when they get old, and I find them to be a distraction, would rather look at the man, not all the little pretty pictures all over his body. One good thing about tattoos, if you do look at them on the body, where they are placed and what the subject matter is, does tell you alot about the person.

  • pscheck2

    Well, he is HOT! Interesting point that erich40 makes: Tats: where they are placed and what the subjec matter is? Never thought of that, re: them. Now will have to decifer them on Amell and hope they reveal what I want them to reveal! (Please, Stephen, don’t do the PDA thing with your co-star and announce your engagement to her or some other PR female –as happens when a Hot stud, like yourself, seems to be without any attachment at this time!)lol.

  • ShaunNJ

    I definitely would. I’m enjoying the show actually – suspenseful enough, a little bit like Lost meets Batman. If you don’t like the show, watch anyway – lets keep Amell on TV….

  • DuMaurier

    The show is unwatchable, but of course Amell is pretty. And I don’t mind the scars and bruises, since at least it detracts from that hairless, lacquered smoothness most TV “hunks” must have these days. I wish producers would take a break from using the Abercrombie catalog as their sole casting resource.

  • Brooks

    @ShaunNJ: I’m loving the show! I’ve been completely surprised. It’s a genre show. If you don’t like sci-fi/superhero shows, don’t watch it, right? lol

  • Dumdum

    @DuMaurier: There are very few programs that ARE worth watching. However I would be curious to discover what YOU consider to be interesting. I like the show and as Shaun and Brooks pointed out it is in the superhero genre. Certainly better than most of the dreck offered up these days. Sadly I must agree on the hairless trend though. Hairless cats, hairless dogs, now hairless men. I almost died when I saw Chris Evans manscaped for Captain America. Flowers are PRETTY. Amell is freaking [email protected]Mr. Enemabag Jones: With a screen name like that I suppose you consider yourself to be an authority on CRAP?

  • DuMaurier

    @Dumdum: I’m actually going to retract some of what I said–which I know is almost unheard of on a comments thread, but I was in a sour mood when I posted, so…..I shouldn’t have said “unwatchable”, mainly because I AM watching it and I think the show is trying some interesting things that are darker and more complicated than the typical superhero story; I just don’t feel pulled into it and absorbed by the narrative, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. And I didn’t mean to be hard on Amell; I liked him on “Hung”, which is where I first noticed him, and it wasn’t just his looks, he does seem to have something going on under the skin, so to speak. I will, however, never back down from my Abercrombie catalog crack. I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault, but the trend seems to be toward non-gritty, smoothly placid boy models without any edge these days.

  • Dumdum

    @DuMaurier: I agree. And the Abercrombie crack was entirely apropos.

  • pscheck2

    @DuMaurier: o.k. a little hair, the long ‘silky’ type spread across the pecs, narrowing down as a thin line to the pubes!

  • pcfreeloader1

    I can’t help but think what a stupid question that is! HELL YES I WOULD!!! and @ dumdum…great thought…Justin and Stephen…can I be the third?!?!?!

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