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  • Johnny

    The best you can do is to quickly alternate between #7 and #13 before finally realizing that the strip show won’t continue or get bored, which isn’t going to take long. At least you can stare at the denim short shorts in #3. They’re not bad, just boring :)

  • Drew

    @Johnny: Morning Johnny. Agree completely. Boring set. Lack-luster. Uninspired. etc etc etc. The model is cute…but #3 is as fun/sexy as it gets (for me).

  • hf2hvit

    Scary…he has eyes like Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • ron

    He kinda reminds me of a very young Marlon Brando.

  • Lefty

    Gorgeous body. Boring face.
    I give him a 6.

  • NAP79

    What’s with all the Coke product placements?!?!? I’m afraid his hair is his best attribute. Cute, but the pics are a snoozefest.

  • Sophie

    I think he’s only capable of one facial expression. He’s pretty gorgeous though.

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