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PHOTOS: Camouflage Can’t Even Begin Make This Oiled Hunk Blend Into His Surroundings

Ccamounderwear1amouflage print is an acceptable, even hot fashion choice – so long as it’s in small doses.

Model Shawn Alexander steps into six pairs of camo underwear in the photoshoot below — one thong, one brief, two trunks, a boxer brief, and even a pair of long underwear. But no matter how the camo print is cut, the first thing you pick up on is its manly-man style. Whether it’s a traditional iteration of camo or something updated with a flare, the prints all have a fashion sense that’s made to be seen rather than blend in — assuming you don’t live in the middle of Backwoods, Nowhere.





Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert