PHOTOS: In San Francisco, It’s “Go Bang!” Or Go Home

PHOTOS: On November 3 at the Stud in San Francisco, Steve Fabus and Sergio Fedasz, the folks behind the monthly Go BANG! party, brought disco back for a generation that’s too young to remember it the firs time. Check out the photos from this month’s bash—if you like what you see, Go BANG! will back at the Stud on December 1.

Photos: Cabure A Bonugli/Shot In The CityIyya Kai
















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  • Dumdum

    Wow that takes me back. First bar I ever got into. 1976 I was 16. Then there was Buzbys on Polk Street. The End Up on 6th St. And The Trocadero Transfer on 4th St. Gawd! I am so old. when I was a boy The Dead Sea was only sick.

  • jerry_pritikin

    The Stud was not a Disco Bar back then, and the best known Disco “Joint” was Oil Can Harry’s! I handled the PR for Al Hanken who owned the End-up, that was made famous by Armisted Malpins when he wrote “Tails of the City” for the Chronicle and mentioned the Jockey Short Contest. I helped create the contest and photographed the winners!

    The first Disco Bar in S.F. was called the “City” on Broadway near the entrance to the Bay Bridge. However they were there for just less then a year. Dumdum mentioned 1976… that was a great year since it was the U.S, bicentennial year. Some of my best photo’s were shot that year including “Chip” Carter promoting his father Jimmy(Who became President that year)at the Memorial Day Tricycle Races. And if Dumdum thinks he’s old… I rested with God on the 7th Day! In 1978, Grace Jones sang “I need a man”from the Oil Can Harry’s float in the Gay day Parade that was the first time the “Rainbow” Flag became our standard bearer.

    There’s a great web-site called the and look for my images there,too. It documents the evolution of a changing sleepy S.F. neighborhood in Eureka Valley into
    America’s gay mecca… The Castro!

  • Guillermo3

    Hate to say it,but most of these guys put the ugh in Fugly!

  • LeMagnifique

    Wow. Lots of ugly bastards in San Francisco lol ! : )This disco revival was big last Summer in Europe ( in fashion, clubs etc), but it is over and done now…

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