PHOTOS: Luke Macfarlane In The, Ahem, Short Film “Erection”

Today’s object of desire is Brothers and Sisters’ Luke Macfarlane (above) in “Erection,” a new erotic short from Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi that’s making the festival circuit. In it, the 32-year-old Canadian plays Dean, a straight guy having performance issues with his girlfriend.

We certainly wouldn’t have any with Mr. Macfarlane here. Look for “Erection” at a film festival near you.

Source: Square Hippies

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  • declanto

    About the dullest, most pointless post ever.

  • Stephen

    Pointless, yes–but he is hot. Maybe if he was naked he could get a boner.

  • Spike

    @declanto: Agreed. The str8t girl must be the only one working weekends at Queerty.

  • Truth

    @Spike: What? You do know Luke Macfarlane is openly gay, right?

  • Well

    He only has one facial expression as an actor, but he’s so pretty with his clothes off ;)

  • Oprah Winfrey

    It’s so annoying how openly gay actors seem to take even more straight roles after coming out than they did closeted.

    Such a waste.

  • Mike

    This is nothing new at all. Hasn’t anyone ever seen Andy Warhol’s “Blowjob”?

    As for Luke Macfarlane he’s a boring Ken Doll clone that you see way too much of in gay porn and he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.

  • Drew

    LOL I agree Oprah. Then again this guy is a nobody.

  • Mike

    Jealous bitches?

    That’s right. Attacking openly gay actors is what you could expect of the self-loathing gays that come here, complaining about everyone who is open and honest.

  • yin

    Oh wow, hez so Sexy and Brilliamt in the movie :)
    Please Negtive commenters Get a life…

  • Jay

    Mike, I’m out. I do however think that this short film is corny and the guy is your typical Ken Doll clone.

  • Mike

    @Jay: If you think he’s the typical Ken Doll clone, you don’t know him at all.

  • UsualPlayers

    Its funny to read superficial people whining about superficiality of others.



  • Oprah Winfrey

    @Mike: Untwist your tighty whities, she won’t be with you regardless of how much you defend her online. She’d never look twice at you in real life.

  • Barca

    @Mike: THANK YOU! I’m with you 100%. People get so negative on here. He was very successful on B&S, and SUPER hot to boot.

    So “we” are mad that an actor doesn’t come out. They do so because they’re told by their agent they won’t be able to play straight characters. But “we” tell them, “no! you can come out of the closet and you won’t be type-casted as the quintessential gay guy. I’ll support you!” Yet when they come out, as Luke has, and then plays a straight role everyone, and Oprah above, gets their panties all twisted. Gawd, people, you can’t have it both ways.

    As much as straight guys (hello Sean Penn?) can play gay characters, gay guys (or lesbians) can play straight characters. It’s called acting.

  • Barca

    @Oprah Winfrey: I’m pretty sure defending someone doesn’t mean they want to get into bed with them. F*cking grow up and stop thinking with your dick.

  • Brandon

    Mike who cares? This guy is your typical gay white male and yeah he is a Kan doll clone or muscle queen. Just look at his body!

    LMAO I do agree with Oprah. Just because you lust after this gay white man who’s a Ken Doll clone doesn’t mean that everyone else that’s LGBT does or that we care about this fool or respect him or his shitty acting.

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    We think that this Mary needs to stop doing movies with fish where he pretends to be straight and have trouble getting it up for a stink fish. She should instead do porn where he presents hole, legs in the air, and no rubbers!

    This Mary could also become a whore and meet lots of generou$ clients who are gay white men who would love to pay top dollar/euro for a night or hour with him! It’s more respectable than acting ever will be!

  • ythan

    The normal heart is a shity play written by professional victim and drama queen Larry Kramer who does nothing to help LGBT people but has never been anything but a professional complainer.

    As someone else here on queerty once wrote, “Larry Kramer’s weepy AIDS play sucked shit through a straw!”

    If I want to see an excellent play about AIDS I’ll see Angels in America instead.

  • UsualPlayers

    You were caught in a lie.

    Now, to produce further controversy we are suppose to debate you after you change the subject without admitting you were lying.

    Either the comments are written here to solicit create controversy so that others will comment or they are written by trolls.

  • Peter

    Brothers and Sisters sucked. No wonder why the canceled it. I noticed the gay male characters in that show were white, rich, queens, and your typical boring GWM clones from a city or suburbs.

  • ythan

    I’m not lying about anything.

    What I wrote about Kramer and his play, and Angels in America being a far better play is all true.

  • UsualPlayers

    The same comment, different show. You aren’t even trying at this point to create controversy that’s real.

  • UsualPlayers

    Sure you aren’t lying.

  • Allen

    LMAO I agree with comment #1 by declanto this is a dull and pointless blog post from queerty. Big surprise! It shows yet another gay white man who is a muscle mary!

  • UsualPlayers

    The same guy is writing all the same controversial comments.

  • Wrong!

    UsualPlayers you’re new here to queerty. This is how we roll bitch!

  • jealous much?

    @Peter: Bitter party of one, Bitter.

  • ian gardner

    you guys are just jealous…hes cute…

  • EvonCook

    Very cute, and probably hotter with more hair.

  • J.M17

    TASTEY GOODIES, Couldn’t agree more!

  • Laura

    @declanto: Hot guy almost naked, in a short film titled “Erection”… who said anything about needing a point? :)

  • Matt

    Umm everyone on tv looks the same. Not just gay people.

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