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PHOTOS: Man documents a return to intimacy after sexual assault in stunning new series

Robert Tennent is an artist and photographer based in New Zealand. Last year, his life changed in a dramatic way. One night, he was drugged. He awoke to find himself naked and in a strange man’s apartment. Unable to escape through the door, he had to flee using the fire escape.

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After the assault, Tennent entered a period of celibacy for five months and underwent to counseling.

“Life is just going to throw whatever it’s going to throw at you,” he tells Out in a brave new interview, “but you get to decide how you’re going to cope with it.”

As part of coping with the assault, Tennent came up with Come Back To Bed, a project documenting photos and conversations he had with 13 men following the assault.

Now, he’s turned it into a coffee table book. Available on April 11, it takes readers on a journey from victimhood to of sexual liberation in a stunning exploration of raw, human intimacy.

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“The only thing I could do [following the assault] was to think, ‘Okay, how am I going to deal with this? How am I going to heal and how am I going to guide myself back?’” he says.

He continues, “It’s a very happy book, and it’s definitely a memory book of everyone that I’d been with who I trusted, and who trusted me to take the photos of them.”

Scroll down for a sampling of Come Back To Bed, and pre-order the book HERE