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  • Scott from CA

    Move along, nothing to see here that you can’t find on a random Google image shirt of “shirtless guy”

  • Scott from CA

    To be more specific:

    1 and 9 are the exact same photo.
    6 and 7 are the exact same photo but one is black and white.
    and 14 is a close up of 11.

    Save yourself the clicks.

  • Drew

    @Scott from CA: Hey Scott! I was going to post nearly the same comment! Totally agree. Cute guy, but Queerty is asleep at the switch if 5 out of 15 photos are the same.

  • ganymeade

    Very curious: what does” he’ll make sure it’s WENT enough to do this” mean?

    Maybe someone needs an ESL course before they edit prose.
    PIcs are prosaic, too.

  • notreallyhere247

    I think he’s a cute guy but most of the pics are boring, and the repeats are uncalled for (although the repeats were the ones i liked)

  • Charlie Jackpot

    1 and 9 are similar but not the same picture

  • Paul

    handsome/nice… but photos are, indeed, on the dull side… need for more artistry/creativity/drama/risque-ness

  • Ian

    His face is an interesting mix of half-Tom Cruise & half-Adrian Brody.

  • nineinchnail

    He is cute.

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