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PHOTOS: Melt Away The Chills In Puerto Vallarta

Thermometer starting to get you down? Well you don’t even have to go south of the equator to reclaim your Summer glow. Puerto Vallarta, Mecico is one of the top gay travel destinations in the world, and with over 20 gay bars and clubs plus near-perfect Winter weather, it’s no wonder why thousands flock to the sandy coast each year. Welcome to margaritaville…

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  • shannon

    Ummmmmmmmm……make you sure you do get robbed in theis place! It is NOT safe there……lets not play…

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t go to Mexico unless I was paid $6 million. Besides the fact I don’t want giardia you might have heard about a lot of drug-related crime in Mexico.

  • Rocio

    Puerto Vallarta is perfectly safe. I have been living here for more than 4 years, and have found nothing but friendly people. And just like in any other place in the world, if you go looking for trouble, you are gonna find it.

    I understand the concern on the “drug wars,” its all you see in the news about Mexico. But we are very far away from that, plus it would be hard for that to become an issue in PV mainly because of the location, it’s really only good for tourism. Drug gangs can’t use it for distribution, etc. because there is one way in and one way out to the north and south. Mountains all around.

    Anyways, for those who are able to see past the media sensationalism, I can assure you that you will have an awesome time!

  • Scott Gatz

    I agree with Rocio. I’ve traveled to Puerto Vallarta and never for even one second felt unsafe, even walking very late a night back from a club. I think too many people have pre-conceived notions. It’s their loss, PV is a fun town, not too expensive and sunny & warm.

  • chink change

    The gangs don’t patrol the beaches!

  • Elmwoodmac

    According to these photos being a fat, hairy, old guy would I be welcome on the gay beach?

  • josue

    very careful about having an accident in Mexico City to be an American citizen since free hospitals are dangerous.

  • Frank

    Andale, andale…arriba, arriba !!

  • Frank

    @josue: That`s what travel insurance is for

  • Mark

    @Scott: Went to Mexico City, Acapulco, and Puebla last year over Christmas and had an amazing, safe, gay ole time.

  • Don Pickens

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by ignorant and rude comments on websites, even on gay websites about gay people in gay-friendly places, but some of these are just off the chart.

    Our boutique hotel, Casa Cupula, is the most luxurious of the gay properties in Puerto Vallarta but there are many other places to stay. Having lived here for 10 years I know just a little about the destination.

    Like any other travel destination, Vallarta’s economy has suffered from the bad economy and fewer flights from the US. But we’ve had a double whammy with the media hype about the drug wars – yes this is a real problem in other parts of Mexico between gangs and the government, but it has not affected tourists in PV.

    I echo what Rocio said above, but ask one question: in an era of hyped-up 24 hour cable and online media, if tourists were getting killed here don’t you think you’d be hearing about it? But hundreds of thousands visit the Vallarta area every year and get home safely.

    But to reply to Scott above, don’t walk home late at night, on your own, through an unfamiliar town, after you’ve been imbibing. That’s just an invitation to problems. With the bad economy, you need to take normal precautions whenever you travel, and that includes not carrying more than an ID and the cash you need with you, using safe taxis, don’t invite strangers home, and use common sense as you would in any city.

    As the post says, Vallarta is warm, gay-friendly, fun, beautiful, inexpensive at over 13 pesos to the US dollar now, and safe. As the #1 gay beach destination for North American winter travellers, support this marvelous community because it supports us.

  • T. Parks

    Please stay at home. We don’t need your attitude and ignorance here.

  • Gabriela

    Everyone can talk about what they think is happening in PV and yet there are no specific cases reported of any out of the ordinary crime (a certain % will happen any where, and probably more where the party is..) especially as thousands upon thousands of tourists have visited here in the last year. With all the social channels available, if something where amiss… we would all know about it. News stories are general, social comments are specific… all the information anyone needs to make their decision is available on line. A trip to Vallarta will more than likely result in a really good time…and nothing more.

  • jmusmc85

    Oh please. PV is perfectly safe. I went there last year and not once did I feel unsafe or threatened. And tis was including my many late night drunken walks back to the hotel. The only people that have to be concerned with the drug wars are people directly involved in the drug war. Just use some common sense like you do in the states and you will be fine.

  • Patti

    OMG the ignorance abounds. I have been going to PV for years during high season and low and have never, i repeat NEVER, felt slightly in danger. This is a tourism town and not a border town where the majority of the violence occurs. However I am perfectly happy with the ignorant staying away as it makes this paradise that much better for those of us that know better!!!!!!

  • Alex

    The key on this matter is “common sense”. Just like you in the States, we here in Mexico City hear a lot of bad news from south america, mostly all notes from Perú, Colombia or Venezuela are from bad things, crime and drug war and just like you, alarmist media warns us not to travel those places and this is highly unfair for those who live there and have a word to say about it. (and let me add that Mexico City is well far away from this “war” that is happening near the border in the northern states, we know about it just like you: on TV and life here is just as good as it is in any other big city in north america).

    I have been there, Lima, Medellin, Bogotá, Caracas, Rio, Santiago… and also have been in NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris… My job takes me everywhere i´m required and the only common thing worldwide is to use my COMMON SENSE!!… Big cities are dangerous because it´s it´s nature, leisure cities and destinations like Cancun, PV, Cabo, Rio, Palma, Ibiza and others will be as safe as your own behavior…

    Recently we heard about the case of this US Airways flight attendant murdered by a male prostitute here on Mexico City´s Hilton… some people charge the guilt on Mexico´s being unsafe and wild… but, seriously, tell me who goes to a low class gay club in one clearly dangerous area of the city even for locals, meet someone, drink a beer and 15 minutes later takes him to a hotel room in one of the best hotels in town, without knowing anything about him!!… this is a big mistake here, on NYC or anywhere else!!…

    So don´t be afraid to get here and have one “intense lifetime-unique fun weekend” just because an old-acid-sad news presenter told you not to do so just because his own fears and traumas… Be good, use your brain and have fun!!

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