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PHOTOS: Strip Down And Stripe Up With Mike Gregory


Whether it’s breton, pinstripe or chevron, stripes will always be in vogue, and it’s no secret that bold stripes are one of the most flattering prints for all body types. Since we at The Underwear Expert think that the underwear makes the man, we tried out this trend with every type of stripe out there in the boldest colors suitable for all seasons. Model Mike Gregory shows off eleven of the best pairs of bold stripes in thin, thick, vertical, horizontal and everything in between in the photoshoot below.

Thin stripes, like a well-made suit, provide a sophisticated look for an updated wardrobe. For an alternative to a straightforward stripe, converging stripes are one of the most flattering cuts available and can also accentuate your most valuable assets. No matter which style you choose, a striped print will always be a surefire way to look your best.






Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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