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PHOTOS: Fredrick Hoffman’s Fly Needs Unbuttoning

Button fly underwear is an old school option most men lack in their collections. Any pair designed with a button fly — functional or not — has a more sophisticated aesthetic. You’d wear button fly underwear when you wear a tie. You’d wear it during a job interview. You’d wear it to impress in a classy way.

Most underwear brands don’t design pairs with button flies. But those that do contrast the retro accent with a modern design. Today’s button fly underwear has a slim cut that’s form-fitting and full coverage. This keeps the well-dressed appearance of the button fly and updates it for a sharp, contemporary look. If your underwear collection could use a more sophisticated player, button fly underwear is the way to go. The brands keep it simple. Put them on, and you’ll pull off the look.





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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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