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PHOTOS: Taylor Zakhar Perez’s, ahem, revealing ‘Minx’ performance has the Internet’s attention

As we learned this week, a promo for HBO Max’s new show Minx was temporarily deemed too racy for Instagram.

Actor Taylor Zakhar Perez shared the clip to his personal account, but soon had it taken down by the app, which also sent him a message about violating its guidelines.

While the promo was later restored — we’re still not sure what the issue was to begin with — the series, which centers around an ambitious, female editor (Ophelia Lovibond) in the 1970s who creates the first-ever erotic magazine for women, features several shots that only a subscription network like HBO can get away with.

Included among them are some revealing scenes with Perez, and they seem to have earned him some new diehard fans:

The 30-year-old Chicago native, who has appeared in two Kissing Booth films and several TV shows, is also no stranger to posting the occasional Instagram thirst trap: